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Tool Bar Attachment

WSSA0002601 User Guide

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Item Number: WSSA0002601
The WS3000 Tool Bar Attachment provides a rigid and stable platform for freehand sharpening and the use of sharpening jigs. Tool Bar height and angles are fully adjustable. The Tool Bar Attachment allows a higher degree of bevel sharpening accuracy and repeatable, consistent results — even on very complex grind profiles.

The WS3000 Tool Bar Attachment provides a faster, more consistent and repeatable way to sharpen lathe turning tools. Current users of the WS3000 will find the Tool Bar Attachment provides improved freehand sharpening both above and below the grinding wheel.


The WS3000 with Tool Bar Attachment not only accommodates other manufacturers' jigs — such as Tormek® or JET® — but provides a faster way to sharpen without the mess of water or inconvenience oh having to maintain a consumable grinding wheel.


Watch the Demo Videos:

► Overview of the WS3000 Tool Bar Attachment

► Setting Up the WS3000 Tool Bar Attachment

► Using the Tormek® Multi Jig SVS-50

► Using the Tormek® Gouge Jig SVD-185

The WS3000 Tool Bar Attachment is constructed from cast metal components and a steel tool bar:

Sharpens Gouges, Skew Chisels, Parting Tools, Roughing Gouges and Scrapers with ease and repeatability – with addition of Tormek® or JET® sharpening jigs (sold separately).

Installs quickly into the T-Slots on the back of any WS3000 and does not interfere with other sharpening operations or functions of the tool.

Provides a rigid and stable platform for freehand sharpening or the use of sharpening jigs.

Steel tool bar has a durable, black oxide finish for long lasting performance and smooth operation of sharpening jigs.

Incorporates a Micro-Adjust feature which provides precise Tool Bar Height positioning for increased precision, repeatability and ease of use.

Is fully adjustable and allows for sharpening access to any part of the grinding wheel. This maximizes abrasive life and allows users to control the rate of grinding and heat.

Includes a Set Up Fixture which creates consistent and repeatable tool set ups for fast and easy sharpening results. Set Up Fixture provides multiple Tool Stick Out and Tool Bar Height settings for creating different grind angles on various types of lathe turning tools.

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