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Retractable Honing Rod

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Item Number: WSSA0002792
A quick, easy, and precise way to re-sharpen and hone your knives anywhere, anytime with a fine grit retractable ceramic rod.

Retractable Ceramic Honing Rod

The Work Sharp Retractable Honing Rod is designed to complement our power Knife & Tool Sharpeners. It provides a quick, easy and precise way to re-sharpen and hone your knives anywhere, anytime with a fine grit ceramic rod. The honing rod provides an angle guide on the handle so you get a perfect 25° edge honed onto your blade fast - no more struggling to maintain the perfect angle. The bevel guides on the honing rod are designed to match the angle sharpened on your knife by the powered Knife & Tool Sharpener so you can power sharpen before your next outdoor adventure and then keep your blades sharp while on the hunt, on your fishing boat or anywhere you need a sharp knife.

Want an angle other than 25° honed onto your blade? Simply turn the handle and you can freehand any angle you need onto your blade.

The compact, durable design is purpose built for sportsmen who need a reliable method to restore a sharp blade while out hunting or fishing. When the rod is retracted into the handle it not only provides protection from damaging the honing rod, but also allows for easy storage in your pack or pocket using the belt clip.

Now you can always have a fast, easy and precise sharpening tool on you where ever you go. Never tolerate another dull blade while out hunting or fishing again.

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