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Item # WS3000

Woodworking Tool Sharpener WS3000

The WS3000 is a bench mounted sharpening system for discerning woodworkers and dedicated hobbyists who want sharp, precision wood cutting tools quickly and easily - without spending a lot time or money setting up countless jigs, the mess of liquid cooling, or the learning curve required to master antiquated sharpening techniques.

The Work Sharp 3000 Wood Tool Sharpener is assembled in the USA from domestic and imported parts, and comes with a full 2 year warranty, backed by a team of dedicated customer service professionals.

Woodworking Tool Sharpener WS3000

Cutting Edge Technology for Woodworkers

The Work Sharp 3000 Wood Tool Sharpener is the sharpening and honing solution for the discerning woodworker and heavy hobbyist who want sharp tools quickly and easily. The Work Sharp 3000 Wood Tool Sharpener offers 3 ways to sharpen your tools: Top Side with Tool Rest, the Chisel and Plane Iron Port and the Edge-Vision Port. The WS3000 sharpens chisel and plane blades up to 2" wide to a perfect 20°, 25°, 30° or 35° bevel angle without any set up time! It also allows you to sharpen a perfect 5° micro-bevel for even faster re-honing. The Work Sharp 3000 Wood Tool Sharpener also sharpens carving tools, lathe tools, scrapers, putty knives and more! Work Sharp uses a powerful 1/5 hp motor and produces a high torque max wheel speed of 580 RPM. Work Sharp offers an active air cooled sharpening port with routed air flow and heat sink design to quickly and easily sharpen your chisels and flat blades without overheating or damaging the steel.

This innovative, patent pending chisel sharpening port also uses a ceramic oxide lapping abrasive to remove the burr while you sharpen, making sharpening even faster! The Work Sharp 3000 Wood Tool Sharpener comes with 2 tempered 2 sided glass wheels (150mm) and one slotted Edge-Vision wheel and uses both solid and slotted adhesive backed abrasives so you can quickly and easily change between coarse and fine grits. Work Sharp uses 150mm premium Norton and Micro-Mesh abrasives in grits of P120, P400, P1000 and 3600 for a wide grit selection. This allows you to have 4 grits on your 2 glass wheels (one grit per wheel surface). The innovative Edge-Vision sharpening method allows you to see the cutting edge of tools while you sharpen, making sharpening of carving and lathe tools easier and more precise than ever before! Work Sharp provides slotted abrasives in P80, P400 and P1200 grits so you can coarse grind or hone all using the Edge-Vision method!

The Work Sharp 3000 Wood Tool Sharpener is a quality tool and comes with a full 2 year warranty, and now includes instructional DVD.

What is in the box:
  • WS3000 tool sharpener
  • Two Glass Wheels
  • One slotted Edge-Vision wheel
  •  Abrasive kit 
    • Solid -P120, P400, P1000 and 3600
    • Slotted- P80,P400 and P1200
    • Sharpening Port Lapping Abrasive
  • Top Tool Rest
  • Abrasive Cleaner
  • User Guide
  • Instructional DVD


2-year warranty on all WORK SHARP™ components; excludes abrasives. Warranty for consumer not industrial use. *NOTE: Using a 115V machine in a location with 230V power sources voids your warranty. For use outside North America, please select "WHERE TO BUY" in the 'PRODUCT SUPPORT' menu at the top of the page to find a distributor in your country or region.

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Customer Reviews

Review by :  Steve
Summary :   Sharpening

Excellent, repeatable sharpening results. I am very happy with the Worksharp 3000.

(Posted on 2/14/14)
Review by :  Yellowdog
Summary :   Excellent choice for someone without a lot of sharpening skill

I love my work sharp! I love making big sticks into little sticks and sawdust and with sharp tools it's that much more fun. Easy to use even if your not that skilled and RAZOR sharp results. There are other systems that work well and this is one of them!

(Posted on 2/4/14)
Review by :  Sal
Summary :   Product Performance

The Work Sharp 3000 arrived well packaged and in good order. The set-up was minimal and outlined in the manual. It was no problem sharpening over a dozen chisels and two plane irons within a couple of hours. These tools were in NEED of sharpening, and I am confident that it would have taken days to get this much sharpening done given the condition of these tools. From here on out a quick pass and that "scary sharp" tip should not be far away.
This tool is well worth the investment, and I would definitely recommend it. Does what the manufacturer says it will do. Thanks!

(Posted on 12/25/13)
Review by :  piccyman
Summary :   Great Product

Before purchacing the WS 3000 I used water stones which could take hours to reset a blade, it now only takes minuites to get the same results, the hair on my forearm can prove it :-), and resharpening the secondary bevel is a breeze, that takes seconds.

Outstanding product, well thought out and well made, also buy the wide blade attachment, its well worth it.

The WS 3000 allows me spend more time doing what I enjoy the most, the woodwork

(Posted on 11/26/13)
Review by :  robertrhodes
Summary :   Arrived in good order, WSKTS has simple instructions,is easy to use

Arrived in good order, WSKTS has simple instructions,is easy to use, great results and does as advertised, just like my WS3000.rnrnAnother great
product, wife loves her sharp knives!

(Posted on 5/23/13)