40° Kitchen Knife Guide

40° Kitchen Knife Guide

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Optional Kitchen Knife Guide - 40° angle (20° per bevel). Closed Style

Customer Reviews

Right side of kitchen blade guide is faulty

Guides are not sufficient to hold blade at correct position consistently. Kitchen guide is fine except that the knife cuts a deeper groove than the original grove on the right side.

my 40 degreeguide, is not holding upon the right side, seems like the knife is cutting the guide very easy, about 3/8" deeper than the left side,

My 40 degree guide, is not holding up on the
right side, seem like the guide is melting from the heat of the blade crossing thru it. this side has a groove about 3/8" deeper than the left.
The left side is fine.
This is a new unit maybe sharpened 40 knifes

Work Sharp Response: Please call our Customer Service Team to resolve your issue - your blade should never get hot enough to damage the unit.

40 or 50 degree

How do we (most customers) know or determine whether a knife is 40 or 50 degrees, especially serrated ones? Otherwise, these are super sharpeners. I've given them as Christmas presents,and they were well received!omndayi

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