40° Kitchen Knife Guide

40° Kitchen Knife Guide

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Optional Kitchen Knife Guide - 40° angle (20° per bevel). Closed Style

Customer Reviews

Right side cut.

First off, I love it. Does a very good job. I, however have the same problem with the right side of the guide. I know for sure it is not because my blades get hot. I only pass through two or three times and examine the edge bevel. I would know if it was hot. It does not get a chance to if used correctly, but still cuts in guide and only right side. I will probably order a new guide and try to be gentle, but really needs to be built different, or stronger.

Cutting into plastic on right side

I love this sharpener but I keep having the problem with the knife blade cutting into the plastic but only on the right side. I would assume that is caused by a combination of a sharp edge and heat but why only on the right side?

Right side of kitchen blade guide is faulty

Guides are not sufficient to hold blade at correct position consistently. Kitchen guide is fine except that the knife cuts a deeper groove than the original grove on the right side.

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