WSKTS - Assorted Belt Kit WSKTS - Assorted Belt Kit
WSKTS - Assorted Belt Kit

WSKTS - Assorted Belt Kit

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Six replacement abrasive belts – 2 each of the belts that come standard with the Original Knife & Tool Sharpener.
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Original Knife & Tool Sharpener assorted replacement belt kit includes (2) P80 coarse grit abrasive belts, (2) P220 medium grit abrasive belts, and (2) 6000 fine grit abrasive belts. These abrasive belts are direct replacements for the abrasive belts that comes standard with the Original Knife & Tool Sharpener.

  • Size: ½" x 12"
  • Grits: P80 (201 microns)*; P220 (68 microns)*; 6000 (4 microns)*
  • Abrasives: aluminum oxide (P80); ceramic oxide (P220); silicon carbide (6000)
  • Backing: waterproof polyester (P80, P220); flexible cotton backing with polymer emulsion cushioning layer (6000)
  • Manufacturers: Norton (P80 & P220); Micro-Mesh™ (6000)
  • Colors: green (P80); red (P220); grey (6000)

*There are many naming conventions for grit measurement. We include the size of the grit in microns as a standard for comparison between abrasives (higher numbers = more coarse). Many other factors contribute to an abrasive’s application and material removing properties, including the shape of the grit, the pattern the grit is applied to the backing material, various characteristics of proprietary abrasive materials used by different manufacturers, etc.

Customer Reviews

"DUF"-Durability Under Fire!

No, my workshop didn't burn down, but the dull knives did! Received my Work Sharp and put it to the test with 21 kitchen knives, 10 pocket knives and 4 big hunting knives. All were dull (couldn't shave arm hair or slice through paper). After 35 edges (x2) and over 2 hrs. of sharpening, I wore out just one 200 grit and a 6000 grit belt (not bad for total reshaping all of those knives- btw, never needed or used the 80 grit). Shave arm hair-check...slice through newspaper-check...shave face, we'll almost! ;)

I was very pleased to get all of that sharpening activity done while using up just 2 belts, they really hold up well. With the WS, I also purchased these additional belt kits, but since the convex edges are already formed and my knife collections will only need brief touch ups, I'll offer family and neighbors my new found WS sharpening skills!!


This product really works. I shapened all 3 of my hunting knifes with in 5 minutes. Everyone of them will shave hair. Love this product.


The easiest knife sharpener I have ever used. It gets any knife or tool, such as a hatchet or Axe sharp enough to shave with. I love my sharpener and I made enough money sharpening others knives to pay for it within a month.

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