WSKTS - Ceramic Knife Sharpening and Repair Kit WSKTS - Ceramic Knife Sharpening and Repair Kit
WSKTS - Ceramic Knife Sharpening and Repair Kit

WSKTS - Ceramic Knife Sharpening and Repair Kit

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Repair, sharpen and hone ceramic knives with coarse and fine diamond abrasive belts - for the Original Knife & Tool Sharpener (WSKTS).
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Turn your Work Sharp into a ceramic knife sharpener as quickly as a belt change, and save the expense of buying a separate sharpener for sharpening ceramic knives.

The Work Sharp diamond belts can be used with the Original and Ken Onion Edition Knife & Tool Sharpeners. These premium grade diamond abrasive belts are long lasting and intended specifically for repairing, sharpening and honing ceramic knives. Do not use diamond belts with metal blades. It won't hurt your knives, but metal blades will clog the belts and render them useless.

Kit includes one coarse diamond belt (180 grit) for repairing ceramic knives, and one fine diamond belt (1500 grit) for honing and sharpening ceramic knives.

  • 180 grit diamond (coarse) for repairing ceramic knives
  • 1500 grit diamond (fine) for sharpening ceramic knives
  • Belt Size: ½" x 12"
  • Belt backing: Ultra-Flex – flexible cotton backing with polymer emulsion cushioning layer
  • Manufacturer: Micro-Mesh™ (MXD)
  • Colors: golden and greenish-golden

How To Sharpen Ceramic Knives

Customer Reviews

very good

I do not know what these people did wrong. My Ceramic Knives are rasersharp.

i think it is a very good tool.

i would recommend the knife and tool sharpener to everyone. it works real good. thank you.

Worked fine for me.

I used only the coarse belt on my Kyocera ceramic kitchen knife. It didn't remove a lot of material and I had to make quite a few passes, but ended up with a sharp edge, and pretty smooth, enough so that I didn't feel any need to use the finer belt.

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