WS3000 - Edge-Vision Slotted Abrasive Disc Kit

WS3000 - Edge-Vision Slotted Abrasive Disc Kit

SKU: WSSA0002002
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Slotted abrasives discs for the WS3000
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The WS3000 Edge-Vision Abrasives Kit includes:

  • (1) P80 Slotted
  • (2) P400 Slotted
  • (2) P1200 Slotted
  • (1) 6000 slotted
These engineered abrasives by Norton and Micro –Mesh are 150mm (diameter) and do not fit other Work Sharp products.

Customer Reviews

Need More Choice

Quality is great but to go from 80 grit to 400 grit does not work. Please make 120 and/or 220 grit available.

Good, But needs 120, 220

This is a good kit, but if you reshape a wide blade with the 80 grit, it is a BIG JUMP to go directly to 400 grit. You are going to spend A LOT OF TIME getting rid of the 80 grit marks. How about making slotted versions of 120 grit and 220 grit available to fill the gap??

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