Blade Grinding Attachment - Assorted Belt Kit

Blade Grinding Attachment - Assorted Belt Kit

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Replacement set of 5 belts that come standard with the Blade Grinding Attachment.

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One of each 1" x 18" belt:
(1) P120 | Extra Coarse Grit
(1) X65 | Coarse Grit
(1) X22 | Medium Grit
(1) X4 | Fine Grit
(1) 12000 | Extra Fine Grit

Customer Reviews

theyre good

theyre good

High priced but great Belts

If the price was some what less I would give I 5 stars.. Why are some belts like the leather strop not on Amazon?


long lasting

I have had my blade grinding attachment for several months, and sharpened over 100 knives with the factory set of belts, and finally decided to order a set of replacements. The factory belts aren't worn out by any means, just getting an extra set. i can't believe how long that they are lasting. I'm used to the belts for the old kts, and they dont last near as long.

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