Sharpening Cassette - Ken Onion Edition

Sharpening Cassette - Ken Onion Edition

SKU: SA0003011
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Direct replacement for the Ken Onion Edition sharpening cassette. Does not fit the Original Knife & Tool Sharpener.
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Direct replacement for the Ken Onion Edition sharpening cassette - does not fit any other models.

Customer Reviews

Two years of weekly use.

I sharpen my kitchen knives weekly because they are used to cut on ceramic plates which dull inexpensive steel very quickly. In less than ten minutes the jobs are complete. The Ken Onion Edition and its components are still working as new. I have tried many other systems but no other is as quick and fool proof.

plastic is way too weak the lockon would be much better in a metal

have tried to buy a replacement cassette but to no avail worksharp shows the item but has no facility to purchase only review please let me know how i can purchase the cassette in oz

Bearing failed too soon

The bearing failed after very little use. Maybe 20 hours! Having to buy the entire cassette for a simple bearing failure is a shame. The design of the bearing assembly seems like it was designed to sell more parts.

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