50° Outdoor Knife Guide

50° Outdoor Knife Guide

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Optional Outdoor Knife Guide - 50° angle (25° per bevel). Scissor Guide with Magnet - 65° angle. Open Style. Grey.

Customer Reviews

Good but not perfect

I enjoy using my Work Sharp and this is the guide I mostly use but would recommend that you guys relabel these. All my life when I have sharpened pocket blades I always refer to the angle as one side not both. So if I am sharpening a blade it is usually between 18-25 degrees. But with how you label these a 25 degree angle is actually 50? It's confusing. Also I wish you guys would offer some more accessories for different angles. I own knives from Buck, Schrade, Gerber, Camillus, etc. Buck factory for example recommends some of their knives be sharpened at 13 degree angles. Camillus factory says to sharpen their knives at 18 degrees. None of your guides offer this and so I am stuck using stones for a lot of my knives. Think about it, you could sell a ton of accessories if they were in different angles.

Work Sharp Response: Take a look at the Ken Onion Edition with angles from 15° to 30°, and the Blade Grinding Attachment for even more angle versatility.

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