Work Sharp Blade Hat Work Sharp Blade Hat
Work Sharp Blade Hat

Work Sharp Blade Hat

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The Work Sharp Blade Hat features graphics matching the Work Sharp T-Shirt. One size fits all.
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this is a very nice quality hat, received mine with the ken onion sharpener for free, unfortunately wife threw box away it and sharpener were shipped in, went to the green trash collection cans and after fishing through it the next day found it. had some brown stains on it. don't think was poop and red stains didn't smell to bad, hope wasn't from a woman's monthly thing. way I figure it has character and have something to share with friends and no one will steal it. buy it will be pleased with purchase. this is my third purchase over the last few years as well as many belts. all can say works and hope to master the ken onion tool sharpening system accessory add on jig I ordered, don't make knives but am sure will sharpening my other tools to the max. these are quality items and i highly recommend.

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