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Gear Junkie Approves – The Angle Set Knife Sharpener

As a leader in outdoor gear reviews, Gear Junkie has given the thumbs up to the newest sharpening collaboration between Work Sharp and Ken Onion. We couldn’t be more stoked!  The Angle Set Knife Sharpener is designed for your bench top and packs away in a compact case for easy storage that takes up minimal space in your shop. And even better – the quick set-up of the Angle Set Sharpener makes this a tool that can be used beyond your home work space. 

The top reasons Gear Junkie approves of the Work Sharp Angle Set Knife Sharpener

  • Versatile adjustment angles ranging from 15-25 degrees
  • 3-Sided sharpening rods which include coarse and fine diamond, along with a ceramic hone
  • Ability to sharpen a variety of knives using the different angles and abrasives
  • Easier than a whetstone
  • Affordable sharpening system
  • Simple to use
  • Sharpens your tools

See the full review and check out how easy it is to set and use the Angle Set Knife Sharpener in the Gear Junkie video below. 

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