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Guided Field Sharpener

Model #: WSGFS221

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The Guided Field Sharpener is a complete sharpening solution for field, home or shop use. It is the first angle guided, 5 stage sharpening solution designed for sportsmen who need a complete, robust and compact field sharpening solution.

Guided Field Sharpener

The Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener 2.2.1 is the complete knife and tool sharpener for field applications. Equally at home in your pack, tool box, tackle box, glove box, go bag, boat, quad, or anywhere else you keep knives and cutting tools. It is the first angle guided, 5-stage sharpening solution designed for sportsmen who need a compact, complete and versatile field sharpening tool while on the go.

The Guided Field Sharpener incorporates 5 stages of sharpening and honing, each with a built in angle guides for a consistent bevel across the entire blade:

  • 2 Diamond Plates – 1 coarse (220 grit) for shaping and repairing, and 1 fine (600 grit) for sharpening. Plates measure 4" x 1".
  • 2 Ceramic Rods – a 3-position ceramic rod incorporating coarse grit, fine grit and fish hook honing sides, plus a smaller diameter, fine grit serration sharpener
  • 1 Leather Strop – conditioned with a micro-abrasive to finish your blades to a razor-sharp edge

The sharpening guides are purpose built for your hunting knives, pocket knives and filet knives, making easy work of sharpening flat, curved and serrated blades - as well as camp tools such as axes, hatchets and machetes.

Legendary knife maker Ken Onion said of the Guided Field Sharpener, “I am impressed with the clever details - like the magnetic plate holders, angle guides, round ceramics and strop, all in a small easy to carry package. It is by far the best manual, portable sharpener I have ever used…. I especially like the versatility of it. I have used it on flat and re-curve blades as well as fishing hooks and leather punches and it performed well. Something for everyone in this little package.”

Strong rare earth magnets secure the diamond grit plates in place and also provide a cover for the broadhead wrench and small storage compartment. Compact design and lanyard hole make it easy to pack and carry on any excursion, keeping you prepared with sharp edges when you need them most.

The Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener is assembled and quality checked in Ashland, Oregon.

What's in the box:


A Limited Lifetime Warranty covers defects due to workmanship and design, excluding abrasives. Warranty covers consumer use only, not industrial or commercial use.

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Great piece of kit. by KB83
This thing is a great sharpener. Every thing you need in one tool. My only gripe is the diamond coating on the plates is already flaking of.

Work Sharp response: It is expected to see wear on a new diamond plate (or any abrasive). After a few knives, any "flaking" should stop and the abrasive surface will become a little smoother. The smoother surface will produce a finer edge, which makes the honing process quicker and easier. You will also experience more control of the blade as you sweep it across a "conditioned" plate. We have yet to wear out a diamond plate, so if you think your plate is not performing as expected, give us a call at 1-800-547-0222.

Nice sharpener by geckgo
Picked one of these up at Cabellas last night and it's awesome. I discovered the magnets holding the plates today and the little storage compartment. Very smooth and effective desgin. Toss a rubber band around it if you put it in a position to get banged around a bit, but the magnets hold the plates pretty well otherwise. There are less expensive sharpeners and there are better sharpeners, but for what this little guy is, it's an awesome value and has everything you need for sharpening your tools.

Very impressive! by Jdcpa2
Able to sharpen all my knives quickly and efficiently.
Plan to gift them to immediate family members for Xmas.
Great value for the money. Almost idiot-proof.
Suggest adding an 800 to 1000 grit extra fine diamond stone.
Suggest wearing gloves when sharpening large knives.

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