WSKTS - P220 Medium Grit Bulk Pack WSKTS - P220 Medium Grit Bulk Pack
WSKTS - P220 Medium Grit Bulk Pack

WSKTS - P220 Medium Grit Bulk Pack

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Use P220 medium grit ceramic oxide belts for general sharpening. For use with WSKTS - the original Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener.
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P220 Medium Grit

Contains six P220 abrasive belts for the WSKTS. Intended for light shaping and sharpening applications. Produces a toothy cutting edge for long life utility applications.

Customer Reviews


Used 1st belt up after 76 knives.

Best ever

I bought it when it first came on tv. Like most, I didn't think it would work but had to try something. After I got it, plugged it in and started sharpening the worst of my wife's knives and was shocked to see how sharp they were. Use it on everything I need to sharpen now.

great tool

just bought the kit from cabelas and i am very impressed. Make my hunting knife and the wives kitchen knives (2) razor sharp. will be buying additional belts and doing all the knives in the house. Have not tried to shave with them yet but sure I would be able to. also purchased a drill doctor several years ago and still using it. Great tools.

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