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WSKTS - P80 Extra-Coarse Grit Bulk Pack

Model #: WSSA0002703

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Use P80 extra-coarse grit aluminum oxide belts for tool grinding and sharpening. For use with WSKTS - the original Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener.


Contains six P80 abrasive belts for the WSKTS. Intended for coarse shaping and tool sharpening applications.  Use caution to avoid heat on thin blades near the tip.  Use to change bevel angle, shape blade or repair chips.  Great for light duty deburring and rust/paint removal.

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i'm a country boy an by Marilyn
i'm a country boy and have cairred a knife since about 8 years old. i got it for christmas one year and once i was cleared with dad and the cub scouts i've had one since. i use my knife for everything. i feel lost without it. knives to me are one of the best creations ever, funny thing is my one real fear is being cut..

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