Replacement Sharpening Cassette Module

Replacement Sharpening Cassette Module

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Direct replacement / repair part for WSKTS Sharpening Cassette module

Customer Reviews

Worked like a horse until now

For most of my knives this thing rocks. Some not so much and I have to use something else. The plastic wheel has recently just broke and I must say that the hard use I put through over the years I'm not surprised that it happened. Sure a little disappointed but what do you do. I am going to order a replacement and see if I can get the same amount of use.


I have owned my sharpener for around 6 years and have used it thousands of times. This is the first failure I've had. I am very pleased.

Same Plastic Wheel

I bought one of these sharpeners for myself and loved it, so I bought my dad one. Mine has worked good for many sharpenings, but now shrieks like a banshee. It has a bearing or something going out. My dad used his twice and the plastic wheel is broke. Cheap, cheap product.

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