Replacement Sharpening Cassette Module

Replacement Sharpening Cassette Module

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Direct replacement / repair part for WSKTS Sharpening Cassette module

Customer Reviews

Needed part for sharpener to work

The idler wheel on my knife sharpener went bad after good service from the unit. I’m hoping that this replacement will last as long as the original. The failure mode on the wheel concerns me as the plastic part separated from the bearing while in heavy use. Wish we could just replace the wheel instead of the entire cassette re cost..but, on the other hand it was certainly simple to replace the whole thing.

Good sharpener, Poor quality

I have owned the Work Sharp for about a year. Used it maybe 10 times on hunting knifes and kitchen knives. Recently the cheap plastic non- drive belt wheel shattered. Super glued it, no dice. $15 for a new cartridge. Quality needs to be improved!!!!

Replaced and Improved

My clear plastic pulley also broke. I reached out to Work Sharp asking to buy just that piece. They said that it should not have failed and was not available separately as they wanted to make sure it was installed corrected. Instead, they sent the entire module free of charge.
When it arrived, I also noticed that the clear pulley was changed to a solid black version. Hopefully that piece has been improved to avoid future failures. At this point, I am pleased with their response and hope they also have engineered a better product.

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