Replacement Sharpening Cassette Module

Replacement Sharpening Cassette Module

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Direct replacement / repair part for WSKTS Sharpening Cassette module

Customer Reviews

Another broken wheel

Yes, I had the same PLASTIC guide wheel break on me too! Seems to be an inherent design flaw.

WORK SHARP REPLY: Please call us at (800) 597-6170 with any issues or concerns - we want to help!

Loved it till I didn't

Broken plastic pulley... sounds typical. Is the one in the Ken onion better?

WORK SHARP RESPONSE: Please give us a call at (800) 597-6170 – we're here to help!

bearing issue's

The bearing as stated before after a few uses tends to heat up excessively. I dismantled the cassette and used some ballistoil on the bearing and finished what I was working on before if seized.

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