Replacement Sharpening Cassette Module

Replacement Sharpening Cassette Module

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Direct replacement / repair part for WSKTS Sharpening Cassette module

Customer Reviews

Not so pleased.

The plastic drive wheel on mine cracked and jammed after sharpening a few dozen knives, just as RG reported in his post. Unfortunately, it was as I was showing it off to friend while preparing for a large BBQ. Not good advertising and left me using a stone. I need to know how to lubricate this piece to prevent another failure.

Work Sharp Response: Thank you for the review John. Give us a call so we can figure out what is happening with your machine and get you back on track.

Need a replacement drive wheel

Mine will make three reviews with the same complaint. The drive wheel simply split into numerous pieces across the axis. This ought to signal a design defect to the folks at DAREX, this ain't rocket science - sharpening devices create heat and many types of plastic cannot tolerate heat. If it weren't for this obvious failure in material selection, I probably would have give ihis unit 5 stars accross the board. I like the efficiency, compact size and sharpening capabilty of the unit and will order the replacement part. However, this will probably be the last item from DAREX that I purchase. if another manufacturer comes up with a similar unit with more robust internal parts, I will replace this WSKTS.

Mostly Good. . .some not.

I was happy to find a tool like this to use to sharpen my hoof knives. It does a decent job without having to break out the compound and the wheel and sitting for a while. I was really happy to find that they are MADE IN THE USA! Another big plus. It does a good job sharpening my pocket knives and kitchen knives as well. Problems? They need to rethink the little plastic drive wheel that assists the belt sander go around the bottom part of the castle. Mine broke after a few dozen uses. NOT COOL. Go back to the drawing board guys. I don't want to have to buy a replacement part for it. . .in time, it will only meet the same fate. I think that's the definition of insanity. . . .doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time you do it.

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