Ken Onion Edition Knife & Tool Sharpener

Ken Onion Edition Knife & Tool Sharpener

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A Great Sharpener for the Price.

After using several different sharpeners, this one is by far the best.


So I learned how to sharpen tools and knives on a stone wheel grinder. Being incredibly comfortable with one of these I was a little skeptical with going with the work shark belt grinding style. I must say, I am incredibly impressed with the Percision, and efficiency that the Workshatp is able to sharpen knives at. I started with my three-year-old never sharpened, abused fillet knife. And just eight minutes, I had the sharpest knife in the house. I then quickly proceeded to sharpen every other sharp object in my possession. Excellent product! Love it!

Convenience store owner

I bought the 15 degree three stage machine from another company figuring I could change my thin blade knives to a steeper angle, I was wrong. Those machines take forever to cut a new bevel. Then I saw this machine and have been amazed ever since taking it out of the box. With an aggressive belt you can get the angle established in minutes and then it's just a matter of how perfectly polished you want to advance the edge. I wish I had bought this machine first because now the others are just sitting on the shelf collecting dust. When you own this machine made in the USA you will wonder how it can be offered at such resonable price.
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