WS3000 - Edge-Vision Wheel

WS3000 - Edge-Vision Wheel

SKU: WSSA0002029

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Edge-Vision Wheel for the WS3000
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Innovative Edge-Vision® design makes sharpening carving and lathe tools faster, easier and more precise.  Slots in the wheel allow you to "see through" it so you can see the cutting edge while you are sharpening or honing. 150mm wheel is for applying WS3000 specific Slotted Edge-Vision® PSA abrasives.  Allows you to expand your Work Sharp's abrasive selection or serves as a direct replacement.

This is designed to fit the Work Sharp WS3000 model only.


  • Adhering Slotted PSA abrasives to sharpen and hone tools on the WS3000.

Package Includes:

  • (1) Slotted Edge-Vision® Wheel.

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