Guided Sharpening System™

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The Work Sharp® Guided Sharpening System™ is a complete benchtop sharpening solution for every knife you own.


What’s in the Box

  • Guided Sharpening System™ with Pivot-Response®
  • 320 Coarse Diamond Plate
  • 600 Fine Grit Diamond Plate
  • 17° / 20° Angle Guides (2)
  • Ceramic Field Hone
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Users Guide
  • Sharpens Hunt


  • Sharpens Axes & Tools

    Axes & Tools

  • Sharpens Pruners


  • Sharpens Scissors


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The Guided Sharpening System® is our complete benchtop sharpening and honing system. It was created with both novice and master sharpeners in mind and can be used to sharpen every knife you own.

The innovative Pivot-Response® system follows the curve of the blade while sharpening, putting a sharp edge along the entire length of the blade. The skill is built into the tool, so it makes sharpening fun and easy to learn thanks to 17° & 20° Angle Guides. The angle guided hone can be used separately and taken with you out into the field so you can maintain your edges away from your benchtop.

Use the Guided Sharpening System® to put a perfect edge on your pocket, hunting, and kitchen knives – as well as serrations, fish hooks, and tools – while mastering your manual sharpening skills.

Experienced sharpeners will appreciate the thought-out features that make this a versatile and complete knife and tool sharpening system.

– 17° and 20° Angle Guides

– 320 Coarse and 600 Fine diamond plates

– Packable, 2 grit ceramic hone

All sharpeners have a 3 year warranty

Product Specs

Additional information

Weight 32.8 oz
Product Type


Sharpening Angles

17° and 20°

Included Abrasives

Coarse Diamond, Fine Diamond, Multi-grit Ceramic Rod


3 Years

43 reviews for Guided Sharpening System™

  1. Jared Kramer Studios

    The guided sharpener is easily 4 star unit for the price that should be 5 star with minor updates/ addons. I am a knifemaker and have used this to set /make new edges on various hard stainless and tool steels for the past few years and it sees much more use than the average home user is likely to put it through. I got both the extra coarse and extra fine stones as the 220 extra coarse really does take off a lot of material to help establish new edges or for home use repair damaged edges. The extra fine topping out at 800 grit which realistically for sharpening is still a rough medium level stone does fairly well to finish with reasonable working edges coupled with finishing stropping. The 800 grit is by no means a very fine edge and is one of the flaws, there should be diamond stones that go over 1k grit, jumping to something like a 1200-1500 grit would likely be enough, still medium sharpening grit but much more refined edge than anything sub 1k grit. Many modern steels have high hardness and large amounts of carbides that can be both sharpened at high grit and maintain quality sharpness for long periods of time, finer grit edge doesn’t always mean longer edge holding but would be good to have the option. The other option that seems like it should be possible would be making highest grit ceramic plate like they have on the newer Bench tri stone. I have used the Benchstone and I would also call that a solid 4 star unit for moderate home use but it definitely is built cheaper overall but solid for average home use. The Guided Sharpener is a more robust, more adaptable unit for harder & more frequent use, basically it’s got more metal vs plastic in the build. The Guided or Benchstone from work sharp are the main options I recommend to customers looking for affordable easy to use units, & the Field Sharpener is tops for away from home use.

    Cons- Caveats- Needed upgrades to make this a much better unit-
    -Higher grit stone/ plate options- 1200-1500 + diamond or possibly preferred ceramic equivalent that comes with the Benchstone
    – 15/25 degree angle guide addons and/ or in complete bundle package with the existing upgrade pack
    -the stock 17/20 guides cover many but not all blades and 15/25 addon still wouldn’t but they’d cover a lot more
    – Guides- I cover top of guides with masking tape as they can scratch blade surfaces, minor but an issue to be aware of
    -could new version of guides be made similar to the Benchstone’s with better softer larger guide pads? I’d still be happy with just more angle
    -Package reduced price with all 4 diamond plates- they do wear out especially the finer grits wearing significantly faster than the coarser with
    modern hard tool steels. Even home use I expect the finer grits will wear if used fairly regularly on hard kitchen blades and pocket knives.
    -The plates are small and legit pricey vs various options but the fact they are replaceable is nice and still selling point for me. However $60+- with
    shipping to replace all 4 approaches cost of whole new unit.
    -Concession to magnets- the magnets holding plates, guides in place can hold onto metal particles and also scratch
    blades during use. I have a small brush I clean stones with during use that solves this issue. This is just a caveat of
    magnets. I wouldn’t change using the magnets as they make switching stones from 220-800 fast and efficient just
    be aware.
    – If next gen had slightly larger base moldings that had holes to screw it to a bench/ larger board that could be clamped to a bench or table for
    people that use regular could make it much easier to use. The rubber feet do work reasonably well to keep it from sliding but it has issues when
    fixed/not pivoting and laying into it trying to remove fair bit of metal. Normal home use less concern but I’m sure others have same issue with
    it sliding. For an easy to store compact unit it’s good as is but minor molding adjustment wouldn’t make the foot print much larger but
    potentially make it again much more useful with minor adjusting.
    -alt option have basic plastic adapters that can be screws to a bench/board that the already tapered base fits into but then would not be fixed if
    it needs to be moved around. various options.

    Pros- main reasons to still buy
    -Price/Value- $100+- with the upgrade kit or just additional stones and your own strop which is what I prefer is reasonable for a very versatile unit
    that will sharpen small to large blades hard or soft blades. Overall value for money is high, yes there’s a lot more expensive options out there
    but for the money this unit works very well. For affordable guided but still free hand sharpening this is hard to beat as a basic option for
    beginners to more advanced users.
    -Parts- the fact that almost all the parts are available to replace if you wear them out or break them is a big selling point
    for me. In a few years of well above normal user use my diamond plates are worn but still usable. They need
    replacing but the average consumer should get several years of use before worrying about replacing worn plates.
    – Versatility- even with just the 17/20 degree guides those cover a lot of common use blades and can be take off for
    complete freehand if wanted/needed.
    -the plate holder can be taken out completely and used freehand to sharpen things like axes/ oddly shaped or
    large blades if needed.
    -the pivot option works well once you get used to it and does make sharpening some blades significantly easier,
    especially with diamond plates than can remove a lot of metal
    – ceramic rods don’t get used often but they do add ability to hone less common blades like recurves/ serrations more easily
    -can sharpen from very small 2″ blades to 10″+ chef blades freehand letting you achieve a mild convex edge which
    is more durable than straight bevel edge you normally get on more rigid rod guided systems.
    -Durability/ Longevity- As a knife maker I use mine way way more often and under harder conditions than the average consumer and the unit has
    held up to quite a lot of use in a few years of use. The plates are worn but have lasted a bit longer than I originally thought they would but
    acceptable for hundreds of sharpenings especially on very hard tool/super steels setting new edges which takes more time/use than simply
    maintaining edges. The unit shows minor wear but really it’s only the plates that seem like they won’t last decades of use which is just normal
    consumable use.
    -Recommend to others- I still highly recommend this to my customers/ family/ friends looking for quality easy to use
    unit that is going to see fair bit of use. This is definitely a more robust better built unit than the cheaper Benchstone.
    The Benchstone I also recommend for it’s extreme affordability to people who can’t/ unwilling to spend more but
    want to maintain edges themselves. Even with caveats I believe this to easily be the superior option compared to
    the Benchstone, it costs more but long haul expect it will last a very long time.

    I give it a solid 4 stars, it’s not perfect, nothing is, with minor updates I believe it could be 5 stars. The cons/ caveats may seem long but they are overall mostly minor issues I have that I believe could be addressed largely by Work Sharp making more addons to make this a stellar unit. It’s been around long enough it could and should be updated as it was great new and is still great but could be greater. My opinion is also influenced by my more broad use than the average consumer so take that how you will. Highly recommend but would definitely compare to the Benchstone option and see how your expected use fits. Hopefully Work Sharp reads this and pays attention as I know I’m not the only one wishing for more angle guides and possible other updates….

  2. allan crotch

    At last I can sharpen my pocket knives without the risk of ugly marks or incorect angles so glad I found your product at my local military surplus store here in the UK

  3. Vlad

    Great sharpening system and the pivot thinghy is just great and makes the sharpening job easier. The only thing I’ve not seen mentioned anywhere here on the website is that the ceramic rod has a fixed 25 angle guide and I believe it would have been better for it to just use the interchangeable angle guides. I still can sharpen at a 17 angle on the ceramic rod, but it would have been easier if the 25 angle guide would not be in the way. Other than this, all is perfect with this system. Oh, and the upgrade kit is a must!!

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