Benchstone Knife Sharpener™

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The Work Sharp® Benchstone Knife Sharpener™ is an angle guided, 3-sided abrasive sharpening system that makes manual sharpening faster, easier and more precise than ever.


What’s in the Box

  • Tri-brasive® Benchstone Knife Sharpener with Pivot-Response®
  • Sharpening Guides (20° and 25°)
  • Anti-skid Base
  • User’s Guide
  • Sharpens Hunt


  • Sharpens Kitchen


  • Sharpens Scissors


  • Sharpens Paring


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The Benchstone Knife Sharpener is an Angle Guided, 3-sided abrasive sharpening system for those looking for an easy to use benchtop sharpener that delivers consistent results. The Tri-Brasive® provides Medium 320 Grit Diamond and Fine 600 Grit Diamond Plates to quickly restore a sharp edge, while the Fine Grit Ceramic Stone creates an incredibly keen edge on any knife. The innovative Pivot-Response® system allows the abrasive to follow the curve of the blade – making manual sharpening faster, easier and more precise than ever.

The sharpening Guides are interchangeable from 20° or 25° and optional to use.

Sharpens pocket and outdoor knives of all types and can also be used on kitchen knives. No water or oil is required, making sharpening faster with less set up and clean up.

Now you can sharpen every edge to sharp as new results at home.

– 20° and 25° Sharpening Guides

– Tri-Brasive® System – 320 Medium grit diamond, 600 Fine grit diamond and Fine ceramic

– Pivot-Response® System follows curve of the blade

All sharpeners have a 3 year warranty

Product Specs

Additional information

Weight 2.4 oz
Product Type


Sharpening Angles

20°, 25°

Included Abrasives

Ceramic Sharpening Kit, Fine Diamond, Medium DIamond

Abrasive Size

1.25" x 6" Diamond Plates


3 Years

8 reviews for Benchstone Knife Sharpener™

  1. Ronald Kirchhoff (verified owner)

    This is the best sharpener I’ve used since I was in the Boy Scouts the 60s.
    I decided on the Benchstone because the price is very reasonable portable for my work as a professional mobile clipper/scissor sharpener. Others in my profession use grinders on scissors, so I decided to use the Benchstone. It gives me more control over the scissors than using a grinder.
    I’m so glad I did. I’ve taken salon and regular scissor that were very dull and got them back into service with minimal time and effort. The combination of the 3 stones, with the angle guide, makes getting a great edge so easy. Maintaining an edge can’t be more simple. A few strokes on the 600 and a few strokes on the ceramic and the customer is back in business right there at their location.

    Thank you, Work Sharp, for creating this awesome piece of kit. The only mistake you made is that I may not be buying one of your powered sharpeners like the Ken Onion Edition. The Benchstone meets my needs so well!

  2. Baxtrom (Sweden)

    I also have the Lansky system but working with the Benchstone is much simpler. The Lansky system is also difficult to use with small blades, such as traditional pocket knives. I’ve used the Benchstone on both small blades and chef’s knives with satisfactory results.
    If a blade needs a total makeover, I start with the coarse diamond stone, counting strikes until I get a burr on one side. Then I do an ealqual amount of strikes on the other side, followed by alternating perhaps 10-20 strokes on the fine diamond stone and finally the ceramic stone. I am no pro but I managed to get an old Camillus folder razor sharp 👌

  3. Marc Guerino

    Bought this a few years ago and just hopping on now to leave a review after today. I literally just completely reprofiled and sharpened a S30V steel blade with this. Before that? I have sharpened/reprofiled/fixed SEVERAL standard knives with softer steels on this.

    I really like that it pivots when you run your knife across, it REALLY helps with getting the tip of the knife. If you’ve been sharpening off stones for a while prior to this it will take a sec to get used to.

    This really is all you need. I prefer this over sharpening systems because there aren’t any restrictions. You can work angles you want, repair specific areas etc. I wouldn’t even bother with the sharpening guides: just take the time to learn freehand and you’ll be rewarded later.

    The only thing I would like is if the whole set/stones were just a bit bigger. But hey for under 50 bucks for a complete package like this that will literally sharpen your hardest steels? No complaints here. Seriously, this may be the only set you’ll need.

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