WS3000 Woodworking Tool Sharpener

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The Work Sharp WS3000 Woodworking Tool Sharpener is the easiest and fastest way to sharpen all your woodworking tools; sharpening chisels, lathes, planes, scrapers, and more.


What’s in the Box

  • Woodworking Tool Sharpener (WS3000)
  • (2) Glass Wheels
  • Slotted Edge-Vision Wheel
  • (2) P120 Solid Abrasive Disc
  • (4) P400 Solid Abrasive Disc
  • (4) P1000 Solid Abrasive Disc
  • 3600 Solid Abrasive Disc
  • P80 Slotted Abrasive Disc
  • (2) P400 Slotted Abrasive Disc
  • (2) P1200 Slotted Abrasive Disc
  • (2) Sharpening Port Lapping Abrasive
  • Tool Rest
  • Crepe Stick
  • User Guide

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The WS3000 is a bench mounted sharpening system for discerning woodworkers and dedicated hobbyists who want sharp, precision wood-cutting tools quickly and easily – without spending a lot time or money setting up countless jigs, the mess of liquid cooling, or the learning curve required to master antiquated sharpening techniques.

– Air cooled, dry sharpener

– Precision repeatability – 20°, 25°, 30° and 35° bevel angles

– No jigs needed

– Maintenance free, tempered glass wheel

All sharpeners have a 3 year warranty

Product Specs

Additional information

Weight 240 oz
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3 Years

39 reviews for WS3000 Woodworking Tool Sharpener

  1. Ricky Ortte (verified owner)

    Love the price and basic function of the tool. Performs well for this price point and quality of construction. With that said, this is second one I purchased due to the first purchase was from Amazon and was defective out of the box with motor knocking. I due wonder why the price is $50 more from Worksharp than Amazon. I have a small shop and for sharpening chisels its great and fast. But there are several recommendations (Worksharp Leadership – Listen up) 1) Bring back the tool rest table that you discontinued, because a multi function tool is more desirable and valuable than single purpose, 2) Move the chisel rest/insert so it is aligned to the motor shaft to eliminate the slight angle deflection on the left side of a chisel when inserted. Yes I tried tightening the clamp. 3) Engineer a movable bed/clamp for the chisel insert to allow movement out across the sand paper to allow greater use of the paper before having to change it. 4) Many recommend purchasing the WEN or JET rest for this machine. Please develop a tool rest for your product.

  2. Derek Bergey

    I was hesitant to buy this as I got fairly decent using Diamond stones. However a sale pushed me over the edge and I don’t regret it for one reason. I can maintain an edge. But I can’t rebuild it on stones. Not unless I have a lot of time. With this I could take some run of the mill chisels and make them perfect in 5-10 minutes or less. It’s a great system, it’s an expandable system, and for maintaining chisels and plane irons it’s been insanely effective.

  3. Reuben Dean-Young

    Another used to be good product that has been stripped by the executives. No reason to spend this much money for the limited amount of sharpening this hunk of metal can do, now.

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