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This is the Pro PA

BOOM – POW! Right in the kisser. The new Professional Precision Adjust is a 1-2 punch – shake-up for manual sharpening. Bigger, sturdier, and more precise in every way, the Pro PA is an evolution of something good made great. It is the newest sharpener to the Work Sharp line-up, an enhanced version of the Precision Adjust, which quickly made waves among knife enthusiasts for its ease of use at an affordable price. The new Professional Precision Adjust comes with significant upgrades and new features that make it an even better option for those who demand the best. Let’s dive in!

Professional Manual Knife Sharpener - Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener

Starting at the bottom. The Work Sharp Professional Precision Adjust has a stable and robust base that is much larger and heavier than the base models. This beefed-up stand provides added stability and ease of use and even includes integrated mounting holes for extra security on a bench or desk, providing versatility for those without a dedicated workspace for their sharpening tools.

As we move our way up, the body or chassis of the sharpener is now made of high-quality metal, giving it a more durable look and feel. Its rigidity does not go unnoticed as the Pro PA can easily handle the largest fixed blades and kitchen knives in your collection. Attached to the chassis is the iconic rod of the Precision Adjust family, but, unlike the base model, the new Pro PA rod is much larger and threaded at the connecting end, giving you more security and control over your movements. The arm also has two adjustable O-ring bands that serve as stops, allowing you to decide just how much throw you need depending on the blade you are sharpening.

Best Professional Knife Sharpener - Best Knife Sharpener Metal Build

The Professional Precision Adjust includes a full set of large 1”x 6” diamond plates (220-800 grit), a ceramic plate, and a leather strop.  Allowing you out of the box to shape, sharpen, and hone a knife to your desired refinement whether that is a mirror polished bevel or a toothy edge. The plates are aligned with two pins and snap into place using a magnet. The sharpening handle can be quickly stored in a dedicated slot at the top of the chassis. Once housed your next step is to clamp the blade and set your angle for sharpening.

Professional Knife Sharpener - Large Diamond Abrasive Plates

The blade clamp is fully rebuilt and redesigned for the new Pro PA. All metal construction and two rubber lined jaws with a single V-Block base clamp the spine of the blade and give you less flex and more grip than ever before. The jaws are spring loaded with a pinch to open and can now accommodate up to a ¼” blade spine.

Professional Manual Knife Sharpener - Sharpen Large Knives and Small Knives

The clamp click-mounting into the chassis is almost as satisfying as the knife rotation. Improving on the base model where you’d push the back to flip the blade, the new clamp now offers two ways to flip your knife to sharpen the opposite side. A single press of the conveniently located red lever will release the clamp and allow a smooth rotation, but this only works for some blades. What about longer blades? Well, the Pro PA tilts. Not like, ”Shit, I’m about to fall over”, tilt, but more like, “Damn, that’s genius”, tilt. By simply gripping the top of the chassis, the entire top of the sharpener leans back with a noticeable finesse that allows you to flip some impressively large blades with ease. If you then find yourself questioning unwanted clamp flex from such an agile system, a clamp support is also included in the box.  This small but powerful part easily slides onto the base and adds more support than your belt after dinner at Hometown Buffet.

Now your blade is clamped and secured. Let’s set our sharpening angle. One of the most impressive and exciting new additions to the Professional Precision Adjust is the Digital Angle Indicator, also known as an inclinometer, which allows you to set your sharpening angle with digital precision. Built from the ground up by Work Sharp, and magnetically notched to the sharpening rod, the Digital Angle Indicator is easy to use and allows you to set an insanely precise angle by quarter degree increments, no matter the size of the knife. No more dreaming about 17.25 degree edges – we got you buddy. Begin by setting the Digital Angle Indicator on the same surface as the Pro PA and calibrating it to zero. Then once snapped to the sharpening rod, you can easily dial in your desired angle specific to the knife you have clamped. With the digital angle indicator, you can say goodbye to hopeful guessing and “close to last time” when resharpening. Same knife, exact same angle, every time.

Professional Knife Sharpening - Sharpen small knives

The final punch in this industry knockout is the dedicated small knife table. Able to handle blade heights down to 1/4” at extremely low angles, the table simply slides onto the base and gives you a whole new workstation for the knives that for years you’ve thought, “no way.” With two small adjustment dials and a strong magnetic base to allow the same consistent and repeatable angles you get with larger knives, the small knife table rounds out the Pro PA as the most fully kitted and complete system, at its price, in the market.

While the package is jam-packed with professional features and tools, the Pro PA is still easy to use, even if you’re new to knife sharpening. Along with a bunch of educational videos and a world-class customer service team, the kit comes with detailed instructions that explain how to set up the sharpener and how to use every feature to success. That being said, the Pro PA is not an entry level sharpener. If this style of manual sharpening and the clamp and rod system is appealing to you, be sure to check out the base Precision Adjust and the upgraded Precision Adjust Elite. Both are loaded with features that may better suit your needs if the Pro PA seems a bit excessive (hint, it’s worth it).

The Work Sharp Professional Precision Adjust is a top-of-the-line sharpening system that provides insane precision and ease of use. Its robust base, all metal clamp, and comprehensive kit of stones make it a versatile tool for sharpening all types of knives, both very large and very small. The included Digital Angle Indicator and Small Knife Table set the Pro Precision Adjust apart from other sharpeners on the market.

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