Who’s Your Daddy? – Father’s Day 2022

This Father’s Day we channeled our inner Dad to make Father’s Day shopping everything Dad would want. And what says Dad more than a knife sharpener? Dads come in all shapes and sizes and can be found everywhere from the patio to the mountains. We collected our recommendations for your dad, whoever he is.

We’ll even sweeten the deal and throw in: 

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Is your dad frequently found at the grill? One hand on a Busch Light and the other on a pair of tongs? “Click click” Does he wake up early to begin an all-day smoke, and then sneak a snooze on the sofa? Your Dad might be tired of slicing seared sirloins with a serrated knife. Get dad a knife sharpener and bring joy back to his passion.

For the Griller Dad:

Pro Electric
Honing Rod
Pull Through

Perhaps your daddy is gone before the sunrise scouting game, hunting mushrooms, or waist-deep in a river. If he’s not you might find him asleep under a map or repairing a tent in the garage. Despite his relentless pursuit of gear he might be struggling to sharpen his slicer. Get dad a knife sharpener and bring joy back to his passion.

For the Adventurer Dad:

Ken Onion
Precision Adjust
Field Sharpener

If you haven’t found dad yet check the shop. Your dad might be covered in grease or searching for screws. He could probably use a hand holding a flashlight. The prized pile of projects on his workbench gives him a sense of purpose. But to complete the tasks on the list he needs a sharp edge. Get Dad a knife and tool sharpener and bring the joy back to his passion.  

For the Get ‘er Done Dad:

WSKTS2 Front

Regardless of who your daddy is, a knife sharpener from Work Sharp is the winning choice to bring joy back to his passion.

We can’t win arguments against sharp knives. They’ve always got the best points.

3 responses to “Who’s Your Daddy? – Father’s Day 2022”

  1. I absolutely love the Ken Onion Elite system! Its super fast and gets my knives razor sharp. I have so many family and friends coming to me for knife sharpening that I’ve started a side hustle sharpening knives! I’ve had my Ken Onion Elite system for years but now I’ll have to get another one for my side hustle to make my process even faster.

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