Best kitchen knife sharpener under $100 (Gift Guide)

Best kitchen knife sharpener under $100 (Gift Guide)

The holiday season is right around the corner and if there's one thing you understand about the people in your life, it's that their knives are hilariously dull. They have knives, a questionable desire to sharpen, and a clear need for an awesome gift. This list of the best kitchen sharpeners are all fast, easy to use, and will get those knives back to factory sharp in no time.

Top Pick: Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpener
Easily the biggest bang for your buck in the kitchen knife sharpening space. Fully electric and built around an abrasive disc sharpening system, this kitchen knife sharpener will leave your outdated carbide pull-through in its dust. Quick, easy to use, plus a skewed ceramic wheel on top for honing after sharpening or to touch up before your next cook. Bonus, it also sharpens scissors. Best kitchen knife sharpener? Period.

The best kitchen knife sharpener by work sharp


Runner Up: Pull Through Knife Sharpener
Fast and simple is an understatement. Take your expectations from the old-school carbide rippers and throw them out, this is a new class of pull through sharpening. No carbide, no rough ripping blades. This sharpener uses two skew wheels, one diamond and one ceramic to give you a smooth back and forth pull that is as satisfying as it is good at sharpening. Few back and forth pulls in the #1 diamond slot then a few more pulls in the #2 ceramic slot - your done. Keep it in the drawer, at the BBQ, and take it camping.

The best kitchen knife pull through sharpener. Fast, easy to use.


Honorable Mentions: Angle Guided Honing Rod

Critical in every chef's kitchen is a good honing rod. Sharpening is the first step when your knife needs some repairs or after you've done some hard work, aka bones. But once sharp, honing is what keeps that blade cutting like new for weeks on end. Think of sharpening as the doctor and and honing like the "apple a day". If you hone regularly, you can keep the doctor away.

This hone has built in angle guides to ensure you're honing to the correct degree with every stroke. Easy? You bet.

Best honing rod for kitchen knife sharpening