The following Work Sharp, LLC products are protected by patents in the U.S. and elsewhere. This website is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of various jurisdictions including the virtual patent marking provisions of the America Invents Act, and to serve as notice under 35 U.S.C §287(a). The following list of Work Sharp, LLC products may not be all-inclusive, and other products not listed here may be protected by one or more patents.


Product US Patents Other Patents Marking
WSEDCPVT (Pivot) US11192217, USD929841 CN306635764 PATENTED
WSEDCPVP (Pivot Plus) US11192217, USD929843 CN306635763 PATENTED
WSHHDPVT (Pivot Pro) US11192217, USD929842 CN306379580S PATENTED
WSBCHBSS (Benchstone) US9216487 PATENTED
WSBCHWHT (Whetstone) USD989591 EU0087834920001, CN307357266S PATENTED
WSBCHPAJ (Precision Adjust)
WSBCHPAJ-ELT (Precision Adjust Elite)
US11498186, US11554456, USD986708, USD977324, USD987402,US USD985350 CN307299563S, CN307218964S, CN307290311S, CN307307204S PATENTED
WSGPS (Pocket Knife Sharpener) US9039494 PATENTED
WSGFS (Guided Field Sharpener) US8790162, US9039494, US9216487, US9623533 PATENTED
Benchmade GFS US8790162, US9039494, US9623533 PATENTED
WSGSS (Guided Sharpening System) US8790162, US9039494, US9216487, US9623533 PATENTED
WSGSS Upgrade Kit (WSSA0003300) US8790162, US9623533 PATENTED
Benchmade 50082 US8790162, US9623533 PATENTED
Benchmade 50080 US8790162, US9623533 PATENTED
Benchmade EDC Edge Maintenance Tool USD911142, US11267103 CN306110983S PATENTED
WSCMB (Combo Knife Sharpener) US8696407, US9731395, US9849556, US9956662, US10124458, USD829070 PATENTED
WSKTS2 (Knife & Tool Sharpener MK.2) US8696407, US9731395, US8784162, US9358654, US9849556, US9956662, US10124458 CA207819, CA207820, CN307310650S, CN307299579S PATENTED
WSKTS (Knife & Tool Sharpener) US8696407, US8784162, US8998680, US9358654, US9849556, US9956662, US10124458 PATENTED
WSKTS-KO (Ken Onion Edition Knife & Tool Sharpener) US8696407, US9333612, US9358654, US9808901, US9849556, US9956662, US10124458, US10421171, USD723895, USD730137 PATENTED
WSKTS-KO-ELT (Elite Knife Sharpening Solution) US8784162 PATENTED
WS3000 (WS3000 Woodworking Tool Sharpener) US8512103, US9168626 PATENTED
CPE5-NH (Professional Electric Kitchen Sharpener) US8696407, US9358654, US9731395, US9808902, US9808901, US9849556, US9956662, US10099336, US10124458, US10421171, USD852599,  EP3414047, CN108698186A PATENTED
E3WU (E3 Electric Knife Sharpener) US8696407, US9358654, US9731395, US9808902, US9808901, US9849556, US9956662, US10099336, US10124458, US10421171, USD852600 EP3414047, CN108698186A PATENTED
CPE2 (Electric Knife Sharpener) USD910398, US9302364, US9808902, US10099336, US10850361 EP3414047, CN306291648S, CN108698186A PATENTED
WSKTNKES (Kitchen Edge Knife Sharpener) US11192217 GB6198773, EU009062920-0002, AU202211679 PATENT PENDING
WSKTNCHR (Ceramic Honing Rod) GB6198774, EU009062920-0003, AU202211684 PATENT PENDING
WSKTNPTS (Pull Through Knife Sharpener) GB6198772, EU009062920-0001, AU202211805 PATENT PENDING
WSKTNRKS (Rolling Knife Sharpener) PATENT PENDING