Brand Policy

Darex Brand Policy

Darex Brand Policy
This Brand Policy (the “Policy”) governs Darex, LLC (“Darex”, “we”, or “us”) authorization of Darex
authorized resellers and Darex authorized distributors (“Darex Authorized Seller” or “You”) to use
Darex brand assets in the nature of words, phrases, symbols, designs, marketing materials,
downloadable content, and other features that uniquely identify Darex products and services in the
market (collectively “the Brand Assets”). IF YOU ARE NOT A DAREX AUTHORIZED SELLER, DO
Brand Assets
Some examples of the Brand Assets include the registered word marks “Work Sharp®”, “Drill
Doctor®”, and our logos:
Other examples of the Brand Assets include the following word marks:
• Edge-Vision™
• Pivot-Response™
• Tri-Brasive™
• Convex Carbide™
You may:
• Use the Brand Assets to refer to the appropriate Darex products and services.
• Use our registered word marks verbatim as shown above, including, but not limited to, using
the ® symbol, capitalization, spacing, orientation, hyphens, and punctuation
• Maintain the shape, position, color, and orientation of our logos without alteration or
• Use our unregistered word marks verbatim as shown above, including but not limited to, using
the TM symbol, capitalization, spacing hyphens, and punctuation.
You may not:
• Use the Brand Assets in a way that suggests or implies partnership, sponsorship or
endorsement by Darex brands.
• Incorporate the Brand Assets, or anything confusingly similar, into Your or third-party
trademarks, domain names, logos or similar content.
• Feature the Brand Assets on materials associated with (i) unlawful activity, (ii) content which
is negative, disparaging or otherwise harmful to Darex or its users.
• Seek to register or otherwise obtain protection for the Brand Assets, or any mark confusingly
similar thereto
• Make any modification to the Brand Assets without obtaining prior written consent of Darex.
• When using a Brand Asset, never vary the spelling, add or delete hyphens, or use a possessive
or plural form.
• Use our logos in conjunction with third party trademarks or to imply Darex’s endorsement of,
support for, or participation in, events, products or activities.
You agree to permit Darex reasonable inspection of all uses of the Brand Assets by You upon request
and at no costs or expense to Darex. Failure to abide by this Policy may lead to termination of Your
authorization to use the Brand Assets and/or termination of Your status as a Darex Authorized Seller.
We may modify this Policy without prior notice by posting the most recent version on our website.
You’re responsible for following any modified terms, so be sure to review this Policy regularly. Visit
our website for the most current revision: or
All Brand Assets are provided by Darex “As Is.” Darex makes no warranties, express, implied or
statutory, regarding the accuracy, completeness, performance, merchantability, fitness for use, noninfringement,
or other attributes of its Brand Assets. Darex owns all proprietary and intellectual
property rights associated with the Brand Assets. All use of the Brand Assets by You inures to the
benefit of Darex.
If You have any questions about this Policy, please contact us at:
Darex, LLC
210 E. Hersey St
Ashland, Oregon 97520
Phone: 800-597-6170