Connecting The Global Hunting Community - Wild Jaeger Pro Staff

Connecting The Global Hunting Community - Wild Jaeger Pro Staff

Meet Wild Jaeger

"Our goal is to educate hunters/Jäger around the world on the many hunting opportunities that are out there, and where (and with whom) to accomplish that dream." - Ricky Mills, Wild Jaeger CEO

Work Sharp enjoys collaborating with Ricky Mills and his international pro staff team, which represents both North America and Europe with 59 members speaking 16 different languages. This group of individuals work hard and it is clear that they love what they do. The team consists of a great mixture of military and nonmilitary members and is 100% US Veteran owned.

These men and women carry an appreciation for nature, a passion for the sport of hunting, sharing global hunting traditions, and carrying a positive message.

You can find reviews of Work Sharp product and catch all their hunting and fishing stories on the Wild Jaeger website.

Watch the video below to see the most recent hunt Ricky Mills and Laurent Boson went on in the French Alps.

Work Sharp is available internationally. Visit our website to learn more about our sharpeners and find which is right for your global hunting adventures.