Connecting With The Outdoors

Connecting With The Pacific Northwest - Richy Harrod

"As outdoor men and women, we go into the wilds of the Pacific Northwest for the challenge, to enjoy the unending beauty, and perhaps, rediscover ourselves. The diversity of landscapes provides unique opportunities that shape us and make us who we are: outdoorsmen." -Richy Harrod

No stranger to the Pacific Northwest, Pro Staffer Richy Harrod knows all the best spots for hunting, fishing, and relaxing in the outdoors. When it comes time to get out and connect with the land through sport, he knows where to head.

Richy is a master at showing up prepared for his outings. Knowing that the land is in charge during outdoor adventures, Richy anticipates challenges and gears up for the unknown. His preparedness is the reason Richy finds himself at the end of many successful journeys.

Shaped By Landscapes captures the beauties of the Pacific Northwest and shares the story of how we can learn and grow from our outdoor surroundings. Watch the video and hear more from Richy on how our connection with the land can help us grow into greater outdoor men and women.