Successful Waterfowl Hunt

Five Steps To A Successful Waterfowl Hunt

Hunting for Waterfowl on the open water is a sport that entails as much preparation and entices as much excitement as hunting for game on land. Whether your chase is for Gallards, Pintails, Mallards, or Blue Bills, there are five steps that will help in a successful waterfowl hunt.

We caught up with fourth generation hunter, Mike Nelson, from ScoutLook Weather to learn what these steps are, and why they are important.


Looking at anticipated weather the day of your hunt will help you know what to expect and how to properly pack and prepare your boat. Continuing to check the weather during your hunt will assist you in understanding wind direction and any changes in the water, like tides.


After you have checked the anticipated weather, prepare your boat. Have all important tools easily accessible and ensure your boat is properly equipped for the water. Consider how many people will be on board, dog companions, and prepare the space adequately.

Know The Water

Before you set-out, be aware of what you can expect in the body of water you are hunting on. Are there tides to consider, currents, deadhead logs or other land obstacles to be weary of? Knowing these facts prior to your hunt will aid in successful maneuvering and provides information on how to set-up your decoys.

Decoy Set-Up

Do as much preparation to your rigging before leaving the dock and have enough material to create a successful decoy. A strong anchor, proper spacing, and quality rope will help avoid tangles and shifting of your decoys. If your position is not proving to be effective, adjust your station based on how the ducks are coming in with the wind.

Sharp Matters

Dressing your game with the best tools produces quality cuts and less waste. A sharp knife will honor your hard work and make field dressing faster, easier, and precise. Having a knife sharpener to maintain these tools is important to stay prepared in a sport where sharp matters.

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