Predator Season

How To Extend The Hunting Season

While the timetable for chasing certain game has come to a close, you may be able to extend the hunting season by aiming at a new target - depending on where you live. We checked in with the Montana Wild team and while the hunting season has wrapped up, they are still busy look for predators roaming the landscape.

Hunting season always seems to end abruptly in late November. The days go quickly and another year eventually closes. For many, the rush to fill a tag is finally over. For others, the game is just entering the second half.

Winter predator hunting for some is as much a way of life as is going deer hunting in the fall. Here in Montana we have open seasons for mountain lions, bobcat, wolves and coyotes throughout winter. I myself have taken my share of predators over the years as I feel it’s part of being a good steward of the ecosystems in which we get to become so acquainted with. As hunters we often have a better gauge on the predator/prey dynamics of a certain area than any other group of individuals. That predator/prey dynamic is a constant balancing act and biologists have given much of the on-the-ground leg work to hunters. Defined seasons and quotas allow science and hunting to merge providing a win-win for each side. Outside of keeping populations in check, it can be one of the most fun hunts of your year. Having a wolf or coyote charge your call will definitely spike your adrenaline and seeing hounds work a track and put a lion in a tree is deeply rewarding. If you haven’t, give predator hunting some consideration, you just might thank yourself.

Written by Zack Boughton

Whether your hunt continues for predators or the season has come to an end, maintaining your knives sets you up for preparedness. The Montana Wild team keeps a sharpening solution with them at all times, no matter the season, to prepare for the task at hand. See what method they prefer while out in the field.