Sharpening kitchen knives

How to Sharpen a Kitchen Knife with the Work Sharp E5 Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Cooking show star Scott Leysath has worked through hundreds of different types of game and meat as the host and executive producer of The Sporting Chef and Dead Meat, and knows a thing or two about sharpening and knife skills.

Whether it is light maintenance or a complete edge reprofile, taking care of your kitchen knife is faster and easier than you think, and makes for a more effortless, rewarding kitchen experience.

If you have sharpened your knife in the past two months light maintenance may be all you need. Use a honing rod (steel or ceramic, traditionally) you can maintain the established edge of your knives by removing any burrs or edge rolls to a true cutting edge.

When you feel resistance or your knives aren't cutting it, grab the Work Sharp E5 sharpener and get to work. Set the speed to sharpen and get to work - alternate sides and continue to draw your knife through until the machine turns off.

The angle guides ensure a consistent, easy-to-create angle so your knife will slice the same on the hundredth sharpening as it does on the first.

Gentle, flexible sharpening belts mean you'll be creating the same precise, low-heat sharpening experience the world's most famous knife manufacturers use while minimizing material removal.

While the traditional whetstone experience is truly and experience, both meditative and rewarding, the Work Sharp E5 was designed specifically for people who want the edge without the muss and fuss.