Sharpeners for Him (Gift Guide)

Sharpeners for Him (Gift Guide)

If the holiday's are not around the corner, his birthday or Father's Day is. Gifting can be hard but we're looking to simplify that in a new way. Some of these sharpeners benefit the whole household, some will keep him busy for hours, while some you'll never see because it never leaves his backpack. So what do you give the guy who has all the tools already? A tool to maintain those tools.

Stay busy at home:

A manual knife sharpener is an enjoyable and time consuming way to get an insanely sharp knife. It's a process of patience, peace, and even zen. It's a time spent 1-on-1 with your knife where you are in full control of the angles and the material removal. Some believe it's the only way to sharpen a knife while some just enjoy the process. But one thing's for sure, it takes time! We've simplified the sharpening process so anyone at any level of skill can find success with each and every sharpening. These sharpeners will deliver him the results he's looking for with the time investment you're looking for.

Best Sharpener to keep him busy: Precision Adjust Elite
Runner Up: Benchstone Sharpener
Next Level: Whetstone Sharpener

Sharpen the whole house:

As you may have guessed, knives are not the only edged items in the house. Have you ever thought about sharpening scissors? It's easy! And does any household own just one pair of scissors? The box opening scissors. The sewing scissors. The food scissors. The orange handle scissors that seem to be used for both opening boxes, sewing, and food... plenty of never-been-sharpened scissors begging for some attention. Add on lawn mower blades, shovels, pruning shears, and axes, and you've got yourself a whole house in need of sharpening. These knife and tool sharpeners, can and will, sharpen them all.

Best Sharpener to sharpen the whole house: Knife and Tool Sharpener
Runner Up: Ken Onion Edition Knife and Tool Sharpener
Most affordable option: Pivot Pro


For the outdoorsman:

Does he hunt, fish, camp, or hike? A sharp knife is a safe knife. Even if he spends time at home sharpening his knives and tools, he needs a way to maintain them in the field. A good backpack sharpener or pocket sized sharpener will travel with him and be there as an assistant to his activities.

Best Sharpener for the outdoorsman: Guided Field Sharpener
Runner Up: Guided Pocket Sharpener
Budget Friendly: Pivot Plus