Knife News Teases the New Work Sharp Pocket Knife Sharpener

Knife News Teases the New Work Sharp Pocket Knife Sharpener

Knife News let the cat out of the bag last week that our newest, most compact sharpener to date will be available in retail stores and online this Father's Day. Through the culmination of years of customer feedback, the Work Sharp Pocket Knife Sharpener is designed to be the ultimate travel sharpener for outdoorsmen and people who need a simple, compact, no-frills sharpening solution that can fit in your pocket.

Here's what Knife News had to say...

Work Sharp just announced the most portable knife sharpener they’ve ever made. The new product, a compact and ultra-lightweight portable sharpening solution, is appropriately named the Pocket Knife Sharpener.

One of Work Sharp’s best selling products is the Guided Field Sharpener, a five-step sharpening system built into a lightweight and portable package. That product incorporates an angle guide system with two grit diamond plates, a rotatable ceramic hone, and a leather strop. The Guided Field Sharpener has found its way into countless toolboxes, gloveboxes, and camp kits and has become an indispensable accessory for anyone who uses their knives on the go.

But, according to Work Sharp’s Chris Loeffler, many customers asked for a sharpener that would be even more portable – a sharpener they could slip into a jacket pocket or backpack compartment. “We have many customers who buy our Guided Field Sharpener and just use the removable diamond plates without the guides,” Loeffler tells us. For many outdoorsmen, the less weight and space a tool takes up, the better. Like Benchmade did to make its award-winning ultralight Bugout folding knife, Work Sharp took a minimalist approach to design the Pocket Knife Sharpener. “ is designed to be even lighter in weight and size, something we’ve consistently been told is important to our extreme outdoor customers,” Loeffler explains.

The Pocket Knife Sharpener offers a two-step sharpening process: the main diamond plate and a fine grit ceramic hone. Though it can’t be rotated, the Pocket Knife Sharpener’s single diamond plate is the same 320-grit abrasive that performs most of the sharpening duties on the Guided Field Sharpener. The lone fine grit ceramic rod handles touch-up and light stropping functions. Both benefit from integrated guides, the same signature feature as seen on the Guided Field Sharpener.

Most in-the-field sharpening jobs are touch-ups but Loeffler tells us that the diminutive new product can go the distance if need be. “We’ve restored the gnarliest blades to shaving sharp,” he says of Work Sharp’s internal testing. The simpler construction is also easier on the pocket in another way: the Pocket Knife Sharpener comes in at half the price of the already budget-friendly Guided Field Sharpener.

Loeffler says that Work Sharp designed the Pocket Field Sharpener to be easy to maintain and the single piece design eliminates the risk that the user could lose any spare parts. “The only maintenance would be occasionally rinsing the ceramic with soapy water to remove excess steel buildup.”

Work Sharp says the Pocket Knife Sharpener will be available by Father’s Day.

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