Knife Of The Year 2019

Knife Of The Year: The Benchmade 980 Turret


As the leader in knife and tool sharpening systems, it is no surprise that the Work Sharp team is full of knife nerds and enthusiasts who enjoy all things sharp. A typical day in the office doesn't pass by without EDC conversations and knife comparisons.

This year, KnifeNews gave the Work Sharp Team an opportunity to review some of the top knives in the running for best knife of the year and the process did not disappoint. The cross-departmental committee was hand selected and each member tested out the feature set of each knife under the following five categories:

  • Fit & Finish
  • Ergonomics
  • Material Selection
  • Price to Performance
  • Factory Edge

The selected committee ultimately chose the Benchmade 980 Turret as the best knife for 2019. Using a rating system of 1-5 in each category, the Turret scored above a 4 in each, with the highest score coming in under "Material Selection." To learn more about why the Turret was the chosen winner and to see what other knives were in the running, check out the full article HERE at KnifeNews.

How Are You Sharpening Your Favorite Knife From 2019?

You may have a different blade in your line-up as the best for 2019. Whatever blade that may be, maintaining the edge is critical in order to get the ultimate usage out of your knife. Learn more about the many sharpening systems Work Sharp has designed with all edge types and angles in mind.

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