Knife Sharpeners for the Novice (Gift Guide)

Knife Sharpeners for the Novice (Gift Guide)

Knife sharpeners are not just for the pros. As with all skills in life, knife sharpening used to be something that required a fair amount of practice and expertise, but with the addition of angle guides and easy to read instructions (and YouTube), anyone of any skill level can get a sharp edge back on their knives. We sell a very wide range of sharpeners to sharpen anything with an edge, from affordable and simple to enthusiast level and complicated and everything in between.

We've gathered together 4 sharpeners that are fast and easy to use, and will deliver even the novice, a very sharp knife.


Top Choice #1: Rolling Knife Sharpener
Top Choice #2: Pull Through Kitchen Knife Sharpener
Runner Up: Knife and Tool Sharpener
Honorable Mention: Pro Kitchen Electric


work sharp tools rolling knife sharpener sharpening kitchen knife on countertop 


Top Choice: Rolling Knife Sharpener
The Rolling Knife Sharpener is as straight-forward and easy as sharpening comes, it may even be the most fun sharpener we offer. With a great range of sharpening angles, abrasives, and knife flexibility that is quickly makes the #1 choice for easy to use, beginner friendly sharpeners. The process is as simple as snap, roll, flip. Below is a short video of what is included and how it works. What truly makes this sharpener great for the novice is that it can be as complicated or simple as you desire and it can adapt and grow with you and your knives over the years. As you begin to feel more comfortable with sharpening, your Rolling Sharpener will be there.

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Kitchen pull through easy to use sharpener for kitchen knives and knifes 


Top Choice #2: Pull Through Kitchen Sharpener

Two wheels, one angle, roll it back and forth. Welcome to sharp kitchen knives in the palm of your hand! The Kitchen Pull Through is an evolution of the carbide pull-through, aka two metal sticks that hurt your body as you rip your knife through. We've done away with ripping and replaced it with wheels. Inside this compact and durable sharpener are two wheels, one diamond and one ceramic. They are slightly offset so they sharpen then hone with precision. Pre-set at a industry standard 20 degrees, this little sharpener lives in your kitchen drawer and is always right there when you need it. Start with several passes on both the diamond and ceramic then only a handful of passes on the ceramic every week or so and you're set for sharp. It's light, portable, and requires nothing but a back and forth motion.

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sharpen scissors on sharpener guide angle 


Runner Up: Knife and Tool Sharpener

This is a sharpener to sharpen every edge in your life. From pocket knives, kitchen knives, and scissors to axes and lawn mower blades, the Knife and Tool Sharpener is a powered, belt driven sharpening system. With the included belts you can move from grinding to honing all by swapping belts. Leather lined guides, 2 set angles, and two speeds is just the cherry on top for the sharpener that put Work Sharp on the map. Affordable, versatile, and powerful, the Knife and Tool Sharpener will meet the needs of anyone looking to sharpen the edges around the shop, yard, and kitchen.

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Honorable Mention: Professional Kitchen Electric

Our top of the line kitchen sharpener, leather lined guides, western and eastern angles, and a range of belts for insanely sharp kitchen knives. Simply press the on button and let the timed sharpening cycle do the work as you pull the knife through the angle guided slots. Gentle and controlled, perfect for even your most expensive kitchen knives. Not last, and definitely not least, the Pro Electric is a fantastic sharpener for the kitchen regardless of skill level.

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