Not So Sharp Moments - Stories From The Field

Not So Sharp Moments - Stories From The Field

We have all been there - the need for a sharp knife and instead, our edge is dull leaving us with a less than ideal cut. This dilemma is why the makers of Work Sharp is dedicated to finding the best sharpening solutions no matter if you are out on a hunt, or at home in the shop. What Work Sharp can't help with are those other not so sharp moments, like the ones shared on MeatEater's The Hunting Collective Podcast.

Because the Work Sharp Team likes a good story and often a good chuckle, we teamed up with The Hunting Collective to sponsor the weekly ‘not so sharp moment’. There have been hundreds of people submitting their stories, but here are a few favorites.

#1 Scarface

In this story, a teenage girl heads out on opening day of dove season on her family farm in Texas. Unfortunately, she has an unpleasant run-in with a barbwire fence, making for an awkward visit to the small town doctor. Take a listen HERE at the 32:04 mark.

#2 What's That Smell?

A young boy hopeful to own a raccoon as a pet describes the adventure of trying to capture the fury animal near a pond. Hear about the surprise that he came across HERE at the 24:40 mark.

#3 Trouble In Saskatchewan

A man by the name of Elliot experiences truck problems while hunting for waterfowl with a few buddies. Check out the twist and turns of this muddy story at the 17:00 mark HERE.