Pro Staffer Danny Coyne: Continuing the Legacy Through Conservation

Pro Staffer Danny Coyne: Continuing the Legacy Through Conservation

"There is no better joy that I get in life than when I'm sharing the pursuit of angling and hunting with my friends and family. As sportsmen, it is our responsibility to ensure sustainability of our natural resources for generations to come. I believe that the more people we teach to become hunters and anglers, the greater awareness and care will be provided to our fish and wildlife" - Danny Coyne

Danny has been an avid angler since his early childhood. Danny grew up in a small quaint community in the Similkameen Valley of Princeton, British Columbia. His family's farm is nestled against the Similkameen River, which is where Danny and his older brother, Spencer, adopted the passion for fishing.

As Danny's devotion for fishing has carried into adulthood, Danny is very active within multiple fish and wildlife conservation groups within the BC community. Sharing his angling discoveries, adventures, and tips with fellow anglers is Danny's way of encouraging more folks to get involved and introducing younger generations to the sport. Danny operates, which is a website geared towards angling education for all level of anglers with conservation efforts first in mind. Danny is a multi-species angler, but specializes in a Kokanee and Trout fishing. Large lake trolling is his preferred method of fishing.

Danny joined the Work Sharp Pro Staff team with enthusiasm and heart. He prefers using the Work Sharp Ken Onion as a solution for his fishing gear and knives, and carries a Guided Field Sharpener for easy touch-ups out on the water. He too has many tips and tricks for using a Work Sharp to get fishing gear in top shape. If you see him, be sure to ask.

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