Sharpening Survival Gear

Sharpening Survival Gear

Small shovels, axes, and tomahawks are a part of many survival gear kits and relied on for heavy use in the outdoors. Maintaining the edge of these tools can be a challenge, and that is where Work Sharp excels. The multi-position, belt grinding feature of the Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener, Ken Onion Edition make it easy and fast to put a razor sharp edge on your highly used and relied upon tools.

Survival gear expert Anthony Awaken gave the knife & tool sharpener a test run and the results "changed the game" for Anthony.

"Honestly, I think anyone who loves sharp knives and edged-tools would love the Ken Onion Edition Work Sharp. But, if I had to break it down further I would say EDC Enthusiasts, Avid Outdoorsman, and Knife Makers. This is a serious tool that produces production-level results."

The Blade Grinding Attachment, designed to extend knife and tool sharpening capabilities is included in the review with high praise for the versatility the attachment provides when customizing and edge.

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