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We Want To Hear How Sharp Matters For You

A sharp knife is important. During a hunt, fishing trip, camping adventure, DIY project on the home, or even on the job site, a sharp knife is the solution to easily completing tasks. At Work Sharp, we want to hear more stories about why #sharpmatters for you.

How does a sharp knife compliment your lifestyle?

Recently a representative from Morakniv reached out to Work Sharp to share that they use the Original Knife & Tool Sharpener for touching-up and maintaining Moraknivs at customer shows. At these events, the knives on display are used repeatably through the day for demonstrations. Work Sharp provides an easy solution for refreshing Moraknivs while not overheating the steel and maintaining precision along the entire length of the blade. As explained by Mora Representative, Chuck Joy, the Moraknives on display go through rigorous use. As the blades begin to dull from such heavy use, Work Sharp upholds the high quality knives while revitalizing the edge.

Hearing this story about Morakniv and how Work Sharp plays a role in keeping their product sharp reminds us that sharp matters in a diverse number of industries. The need for a sharp knife to perform everyday tasks is significant. What is your story? Share your stories with us on social media with #sharpmatters and #worksharp. Let us know how a sharp knife brought you success on the task at hand.