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Work Sharp Beyond: International Partners

Work Sharp is an international brand that can be found beyond the borders of the Unites States, Canada, and Mexico. Work Sharp extends overseas and is distributed in many countries including, Germany, Norway, and South Africa. The Work Sharp Pro Staff Team also extends beyond North America with Wild Jaeger, a group of individuals from varying European countries that focus on connecting the global hunting community.

Partnering with companies internationally has provided Work Sharp the opportunity to spread the important message that #sharpmatters, and build relationships with outdoor enthusiasts across every border.


Hunting in Germany has always been a big part of the heritage and culture, especially in the more alpine regions of Bavaria, or in the “Great Plains” of northern Germany. A knife is an essential part of that tradition. Iconic designs like the Nicker were once very popular, and nowadays, the hunting knife selection is far broader in regards to shapes and materials, which leaves many more options. One thing all these knives have in common though is the need for a sharp edge. That is where Böker comes in.

Boker and Work Sharp have successfully been working together for many years. Böker customers appreciate the advantages of Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpeners, making it a popular selection for knife sharpening. Böker attends many international shows where they offer a demonstration by sharpening customers knives and showing the varying tasks that Work Sharp tools complete. Whether it is the Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener for home sharpening, or the lightweight Pocket Knife Sharpener for use in the field, a huge percentage of German hunters rely on the high-quality and excellent results that Work Sharp products deliver.


Though Norway is a small country with only 5.5 million inhabitants, outdoor life is a popular and important leisure activity for a large part of the population. Traditionally the people of Norway hunt for moose, reindeer, deer, and birds. Furthermore, the geography of Norway creates a robust amount of coastline along the Atlantic Ocean and Norwegians benefit by this, fishing Atlantic salmon and other diverse sea fish.

The large diversity of hunting and fishing in Norway requires a variety of sharp tools and Work Sharp has become the favored solution thanks to the work of Alterno. Alterno has been distributing Work Sharp to many retailers throughout Norway region. Due to the high-level of distribution, Work Sharp is well-known and successful because it is readily available to customers and retailers are highly educated on the benefits of the sharpeners.

South Africa

Hunting is a central part of South Africa’s famous outdoor culture, being both a valued tradition as well as a valuable tourist attraction. The varied types of game hunted in South Africa represents a unique hunting experience. A very important, practical, and traditional companion on all hunts is a sharp knife, to be used for every task, especially cutting South African’s favorite snack, Biltong (a seasoned dry meat generally considered vastly superior to jerky).

Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpeners are extremely popular in the outdoor and hunting industry in South Africa, in large part because of Sharp Edge. Sharp Edge supports and promotes the Work Sharp brand by introducing new customers to the brand every year at HUNTEX, the largest Hunting convention in Africa. Work Sharp products are a highlight at the show because Sharp Edge gives all visitors an opportunity to have their EDC sharpened on the spot with one of the Work Sharp sharpeners. These type of live demonstrations are extremely beneficial for the customer to see the product in action and to experience the high-quality results.

Work Sharp continues to expand internationally, working with retailers, distributors, and experts in the field. Sharp matters in every region and their is always a task at hand that requires a sharp blade.

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