Work Sharp Brand Partner- Benchmade Knife Company

Work Sharp Brand Partner- Benchmade Knife Company

“Work Sharp is a fantastic brand fit for Benchmade”

Work Sharp has been collaborating with Benchmade for years. We partner with them at industry trade shows and use Work Sharp sharpening equipment to provide the LifeSharp service to Benchmade owners. We also collaborated on a Guided Field Sharpener so that Benchmade could provide a top tier sharpening solution to their customers. Both Work Sharp and Benchmade are family owned, Oregon companies that create not only great places to work, but also focus on innovation and their customer’s needs.

"Speaking globally, it’s critical to any tier-one brand that they partner with companies that align well with their values, mission and customer ideology. Given this framework, Work Sharp is a fantastic brand fit for Benchmade. In addition to being another great Oregon company, committed to providing local manufacturing jobs, Work Sharp creates perfectly complimentary products to our knives and backs them up with their commitment to customer service.

Speaking personally, the sharpeners have been a game changer for me. I’ve never been a very capable sharpener and it didn’t help having the Benchmade LifeSharp team immediately accessible, on a near daily basis. With the development of the co-branded Benchmade/Work Sharp Field Sharpener and the instructional series we’ve partnered on together I’ve quickly been able to become a competent sharpener. Allowing me to carry less knives on hunts and enjoy the passing of time, on the mountain, touching up my edge.

Cheers to great sharpening solutions and great knives."

-Matt Elliott, Work Sharp Fan and...Director of Marketing for Benchmade