Work Sharp Pro Staffer Zack Boughton of Montana Wild

Work Sharp Pro Staffer Zack Boughton of Montana Wild

“I hunt for the experience and the challenge. No other sport, passion or lifestyle I’ve found has so much diversity, challenge and ability to develop one’s character through the process. God’s creation is amazing and I’m blessed to have been able to call my office the outdoors."-Zack Boughton of Montana Wild

Collaborating with outdoor enthusiasts is exciting for the Work Sharp Team. We find that with every relationship we build with fishermen, hunters, archery experts, and the like, that there is something new to learn, and a unwavering passion exuded by these folks for what they do.

We recently connected with Zack Boughton, an avid hunter, fly fisherman, and guide. Zack is also the co-owner of Montana Wild. After moving to Montana in 2005, he felt drawn to explore the woods behind his parent’s house with a rifle in hand. Those first few days afield lit the fire to explore more and soon hunting and fishing was an all consuming passion.

When speaking with Zack, his love for the outdoors is evident. Over the years Zack and his brother Travis have created many films and photographed their time spent hunting and fishing. On their many adventures, their message is clear- the land around us is a valuable asset and a core part of our stories. Creating your own adventure out on the land and sharing it is what keeps the momentum going by inspiring more folks.

With a focus on Legacy, Preparedness and Success of all outdoors men and women, Work Sharp encourages everyone to grab their pack and head out on their own outdoor journey to discover what defines you, why you do it, and what it takes to be the best hunter, fisher, bowhunter, hiker...what ever the path may be for you, in the great outdoors.

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