Work Sharp Wins Gold In Innovation

Work Sharp Wins Gold In Innovation

Work Sharp is honored to share that The Home Improvement Executive (HIE) has awarded our five new manual sharpening solutions with the Gold Innovation Award.

HIE is the "News Network For Industry Leaders," and recognizes Work Sharp for the technology designed into each of the manual knife and tool sharpeners. This includes Convex Carbide, Pivot-Response, and Tri-Abrasive.

Here is a little more detail on what exactly our new technology is all about:

Carbide Convex

Work Sharp’s exclusive Convex Carbide sharpening system creates a superior convex edge profile quickly and easily. Convex edges cut smoother and hold their edge longer. Our Convex Carbides also provide the innovative Pivot Response Technology. This allows the carbides to follow the curve of the blade when sharpening and provides increased control of material take off to restore a sharp edge quickly. Pivot Response can be locked out to provide less material take off for quickly restoring a lightly dulled edge. Work Sharp’s innovative technologies allow you to take more control of the sharpening results you want, without adding complexity. Our engineered simplicity puts the skill into the tool, so you get sharper edges faster.


Innovative Pivot Response Technology makes sharpening easier and more precise by allowing the abrasive to follow the curve of the blade when sharpening. It creates a sharp and consistent edge along the entire length of the blade. Pivot Response Technology is available in two ways: Convex Carbides and Bench Stones.


Work Sharp’s Triangle Abrasive system provides a complete sharpening abrasive assortment in one: coarse, medium and fine. The three grits provided allow you to repair a damaged edge with the coarse grit diamond, restore a lightly dulled edge with medium grit diamond, then finish the edge on fine grit ceramic to create an incredibly keen edge. The monocrystalline diamond plates are long lasting and engineered to provide a very consistent grain size and cut rate; while the premium fine grit ceramic stone was specifically designed to deliver a highly refined surface finish and burr free edge. Triangle Abrasive technology is available in multiple Work Sharp products: Bench Stone, Angle Set and Precision Adjust sharpening systems. No water or oil is required, making sharpening faster with less set up and clean up.