Where do you ship products?

We currently ship within the USA only. Click here to find a list of international distributors.

How fast do you ship?

We ship within 3 business days. All orders placed after 12PM PST will ship the following day.

Where do your sharpeners ship from?

Ashland, Oregon

Where is my order?

You can track your order here, or reach out to our Customer Service team for help.


Where do you ship products?

We currently ship within the USA only. Click here to find a list of international distributors.

Do you offer discounts?

Sign up for our email list, that is where you will find all the best deals, new product announcements and early access to all the above!

Can I buy Work Sharp locally?

Most likely. Reach out and we can help you find a retailer close to home.

Do your products have a warranty?

All Work Sharp sharpeners are covered by a 3-year warranty. Work Sharp knife and tool sharpeners are designed and quality checked before they leave our Oregon factory to ensure the highest quality product. We stand behind and support our products – contact us if you need parts or service.


Can I use the improved sharpening guide of the MK 2 on the Original machine?

No, the parts are not compatible/interchangeable between original WSKTS and the Mk.2 with the exception of the belts. 

How do I track the belts on the MK2?

On the new Mk.2 the belt is tracked and set at the factory, so it should not need frequent adjustment. However, if you do need to adjust it, the belt tracking screw is located on the back of the sharpener. Just remove the guide to access it, by pulling straight up and off. With the machine running and a belt installed, use a flat head screwdriver to slowly turn the tracking fastener until the belt is centered on the top pulley.

What is the speed for the MK2?

The high speed is at 3600-4000 SFM, and low is 1/2 that speed at 1600-2000 SFM.

My Edge Guide has grooves worn into it. How do you replace it?

The Edge Guide can get grooves worn into it over time.  Lightening your downward pressure will help, on this sharpener, you want to almost hover as you pull your blade through.  Replacement Edge Guides are available right on our website.

Will the BGA fit on the WSKTS MK2?

No, the BGA can only fit the Ken Onion Edition of the Knife & Tool Sharpener.

Ken Onion Family

Do you have leather available for the Ken Onion?

We do not have a leather belt for the main unit because it runs at too high of speeds for it to work effectively.  It stretches out.  However, the 6000-grit abrasive was specially designed to mimic leather stropping.  Its particles are suspended in a fluid substrate that allow the particles to sink down & work to hone the blades well.

Can I bench mount my Ken Onion?

The Work Sharp Ken Onion sharpener is capable of being bench mounted using 1/4″ 20 screws.  You will place the screws into the “C” shaped cut-outs, located on the power base, with the head of the screw overlapping onto the plastic.

Manual Sharpeners

How long will the Pivot last?

We get an average of 500 sharpenings.

Slide the red button AWAY or TOWARDS the knife to activate Pivot Response?

Slide your red button outward (unlock) to activate the Pivot Response mechanism. You will see the carbide is now loose and can rock freely, allowing for maximum material removal.

Slide the red button inward (lock) to deactivate the Pivot Response. You will now see the carbide is rigid, not rocking, this allows for low material take-off.

What sizes are the bits on the Micro?

They are 1/4″

Torx: T6, T8, T10

What kind of polishing compound is on the strop on the WSGFS221?

The green compound is made of chromium oxide and is 1/2 micron.

How to clean diamond plates

The preferred method to clean those diamond plates is to either brush clean or blow off with compressed air. You could also rinse them with water. If you choose to rinse with water, dry quickly to reduce any chance of oxidation of imbedded steel.

Do I need to use oil or water?

No, all of our manual sharpeners are a dry system with the exception of the Whetstone. Please do not introduce oil or water.

Can I use my GSS plates on the Benchstone?

Yes! They are the same size and can be used, with the exception of the leather plate and the ceramic. The leather would not fit unless you trimmed the perimeter of the leather away and the ceramic for that unit does not have the holes require to allow it to fit on this sharpener. You can get the upgrade kit here.

Precision Adjust Family

Are the abrasive plates replaceable? How do I change them?

Yes, they are replaceable. The abrasives on the Precision Adjust are peel and stick.

  1. Remove O-Ring at the end of sharpening rod (set aside and save for reinstallation)
  2. Slide Tri-Brasive off the rod.
  3. Remove Handle from Tri-Brasive assembly.
  4. Abrasives are held in place with an adhesive, pry off old abrasive.
  5. Ensure Tri-Brasive surface is clear of adhesive residue.
  6. Install new abrasive by removing adhesive release strip and applying onto Tri-Brasive assembly.
  7. Press firmly in place.
  8. Re-install (Slide on the Tri-Brasive so the diamond grit identifier is facing forward and is legible when in use, and don’t forget that O-Ring!)

How long do the abrasives last on the PAJ?

In our testing so far, we are seeing an average of 250 sharpenings per set. That said if your blades were very dull to begin with, you may find you go through that initial 320-grit diamond plate more quickly. To maximize the life of the plates, be sure to keep them clean and use light pressure, allowing the abrasive to do that work.

What is the correct motion for sharpening? Is it side-to-side or up & down?

You use what we call a sweeping motion to sharpen, moving the abrasive up from the cutting edge while moving slowly side to side. Using a downward sweep when honing will help finish the edge nicely.

What angles does the PAJ sharpen?

Sharpening angles can be set from 15° to 30°.

What is the longest blade the PAJ can sharpen without re-clamping it?

Great question! An 8” blade is easy. We’ve sharpened up to a 10” chef’s knife, but when you start getting up to 10” in length, only about 2 ½” of the abrasive is being used. While it is possible, it’s not ideal. When sharpening a longer knife, there is less abrasive that comes in contact with the blade. Using an up and down stroke as shown in the user’s manual helps to overcome this. You may also find it helpful to work the blade in sections, re-clamping as needed.

What is the thickest blade the PAJ can clamp?

The maximum thickness the clamp can hold is a blade that is 3/16″. If your blade is thicker than that, you can remove the TriBrasive & sharpen freehand if desired.

How do I unsnap the PAJ from the base?

It has a very firm connection, and you can push on the tab at the rear of the base to release it.

Can the PAJ be used for “insert your knife type or blade angle here”?

Check out the Work Shop where we demo all our machines on nearly every knife and tool you can think of.

Is there a minimum thinness that the clamp can securely hold?

The clamp does not have a minimum thinness as we have successfully clamped paper with this clamp. 

How do you bench mount the PAJ? 

At risk of breaking the base, we do not recommend clamping the PAJ down. 

What’s included in the Elite

The Elite Bundle includes: 

  • The complete Precision Adjust sharpener (Frame, Base, & Clamp)
  • 3 TriBrasive Rod assemblies:
    • Coarse TriBrasive Rod (220 diamond+320 diamond+400 diamond)
    • Fine TriBrasive Rod (600 diamond+ 800 diamond +Ceramic)
    • Leather Strop and Serration Sharpener Rod
  • Softshell Storage Case w/Rod Holder and storage compartment for Precisions Adjust Sharpener

What’s included in the Upgrade kit?

The Upgrade Kit includes:

  • 3 TriBrasive Rod assemblies:
  • Coarse TriBrasive Rod (220 diamond+320 diamond+400 diamond)
  • Fine TriBrasive Rod (600 diamond+ 800 diamond +ceramic)
  • Leather Strop and Serration Sharpener/Ceramic Rod
  • Softshell Storage Case w/Rod Holder and storage compartment for Precision Adjust Sharpener

How should I revitalize the leather on the strop?

Once you’ve conditioned your leather with the petroleum jelly, which acts to open the pores to accept the compound, you shouldn’t need to do that again unless the leather starts to look dry.  The honing compound can be re-applied as needed.  A good coating will provide the best results.  Your ultimate goal is for your leather to acquire an almost black glassy appearance with age and use.

Kitchen Knife Sharpeners

How long do the abrasives last on the E2?

Approximately 100 sharpenings per side (they are double-sided).

Are the abrasives on the E2 replaceable?

Yes, the E2’s abrasive disks are replaceable. They are also reversible, meaning you flip them over to get more use out of them.

You can find the replacement sets here.

Where are my extra belts for the E5?

The extra belts are stored inside the sharpener.

  • Open the front door.
  • Push down on the top tensioner/roller.
  • Remove existing belt.
  • Lift top tensioner up and you will see the belt storage compartment!

What angle is the Kitchen Edge? The Kitchen Pull Through?

The Kitchen Edge and the Kitchen Pull Through are both 20°.

What grit are the stones on the Kitchen Edge and Kitchen Pull Through?

The Kitchen Edge comes with a 1000-grit ceramic for sharpening and a 6000-grit ceramic for honing.

Can I use the Kitchen Pull Through and Kitchen Edge on my pocketknives as well?

Both are for kitchen knives only, they are not made for pocketknives, and they will not fit correctly.

What angle on the Ceramic Rod?

The angle is 20°

Which grit is the fine ceramic on the Ceramic Rod?

The ceramic honing rod is not measured in the same way as the diamond plates, but according to our engineers it would be about a 1200 grit.

How do I clean the Ceramic Rod?

Wipe clean with damp cloth. Rods will become grey with use. This is normal and does not negatively affect sharpening. You can also use an eraser to gently remove any marks.

My Whetstone is starting to dry out what do I do?

It’s very important to keep the stone wet while sharpening. We recommend keeping a glass or bowl of water nearby so you can re-wet your stone as needed.

Can I leave the Whetstone in water when I’m not using it?

Yes, you can. Just make sure the container is somewhere it won’t freeze, if it freezes it will break the stone. Also make sure you store it coarse side down, you don’t want the slurry to contaminate the finer 6000 side.

Can I use oil on the Whetstone?

No this is not an oil-based system, and it will ruin your stone, please use water only. There are oil stones, but this is not one of them, this is exclusively a water stone.

How long do I have to soak my Whetstone for before using?

Soak for at least 10 minutes or until bubbles stop coming out.

How do I clean the Whetstone after use?

Use water to rinse off any debris then dry.

How should I store the stones?

Store them in a clean, dry place between uses.

Can I use other whetstones with your sharpener?

Yes, you can. Ours is the standard size so other stones will fit in the base of ours.

E2 & E2 PLUS


The frequency depends on how often you use your knife, and how your knives are stored. A good rule of thumb after sharpening your knife is to maintain the sharp edge 1-2 times a week with the ceramic honing rod, and after a month of use, resharpen the knife using the Sharpen stage on your E5 or E3; or use the Diamond rod on the M3. Over time you will get a feel for your knives’ cutting ability and instinctively know when they are getting dull. We like to say, “The knife will tell you when it’s dull.”


Refer to the “How to Change a Abrasives” section in your User Guide. User Guides can be viewed or downloaded from here.


Ceramic knives require a diamond abrasive for sharpening. The diamond rod on the M3 knife sharpener is a successful sharpening solution for ceramic knives.