Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener – Elite

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A complete sharpening system, delivering precision and repeatability with seven abrasive grits and angles from 15°-30°. The elite kit includes more grit options for optimal sharpening.


What’s in the Box

  • Coarse Tri-Brasive® Rod: 220, 320, & 400 Grit Diamond
  • Fine Tri-Brasive® Rod: 600 & 800 Grit Diamond, Ceramic Plate
  • Leather & Ceramic Rod: Leather Strop, Ceramic rod for serrations
  • Angle Adjustable Sharpening Chassis
  • Benchtop Sharpening Base
  • Knife Clamp
  • Sharpening Slide Rod
  • Premium Carry Case
  • User Guide
  • Sharpens Hunt


  • Sharpens Serrated


  • Sharpens Kitchen


  • Sharpens Paring


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Building upon the best-selling Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener – The Precision Adjust ELITE is an angle adjustable, seven abrasive grit, knife sharpening system that delivers precision and repeatability for the discerning edge enthusiast who wants the best in manual sharpening.

Sharpening angles can be adjusted from 15° to 30° in 1° increments to accommodate a wide range of kitchen, outdoor and EDC knives. Two Tri-Brasive® handles provide five diamond grit plates and a fine ceramic to repair, sharpen, and hone to an incredibly sharp edge. Then the leather strop refines and polishes your edge to scary sharp results. Included ceramic rod hones serrations.

Innovative V-Block Clamp design quickly and safely secures the knife when sharpening. Carry case and Tri-Brasive® storage rack keep the abrasives and the sharpener organized and ready for use wherever your adventure takes you.

From repair work to reprofiling your favorite EDC to stropping a mirror polish onto any edge – this sharpener provides the pinnacle of edge performance.

– Includes the Precision Adjust Sharpener & Upgrade Kit in one bundle.

– Rod and clamp sharpener designed with ease and safety in mind.

– 15° – 30° Angle Guides

– Includes 220, 320, 400, 600, & 800 grit diamond plates, ceramic plate, leatherstrop, and ceramic rod for serrations.

All sharpeners have a 3 year warranty

Product Specs

Additional information

Weight 1.3 oz
Product Type


Sharpening Angles

15° to 30° Adjustable

Included Abrasives

Ceramic, Coarse Diamond, Fine Diamond, Leather Strop, Medium DIamond

Abrasive Size

½" X 4" Abrasive Plates

49 reviews for Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener – Elite

  1. Will Ishee (verified owner)

    I’ve had this for a couple of weeks, and I just realized they are putting out a new upgrade in a few days!! Just my luck!! But this system has put some really sharp edges on my blades. I’m very happy with it. Hopefully there is an upgrade kit so I can get the newest “bells and whistles”, lol.

  2. Keith Otto

    Nothing like putting an EXACT profile on a knife. I do the dirty work on a reprofile with my Ken Onion, then dial it in with my Precision Adjust Elite. I get 420 HC and S35VN really sharp. Diamond stones are great. Buck 120 or Henkels chef knife are about all I would put this through, but those are long blades anyway. Very glad I went with the elite to get the extra stones.

  3. Joshua J Burke (verified owner)

    The best knife sharpener! Super easy and fun to use. Great results that you can be proud of. Great customer service if you have any questions as well.

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