Work Sharp is a 4th Generation Family-Owned business based in the small town of Ashland, OR, USA. We believe in personal and corporate responsibility to protect and preserve the natural world and resources we share for generations to come.

Our Commitment to an Improved Global Impact 

Our global impact encompasses our community, including our co-workers, customers, and vendors, as well as our natural resources, from the air we breathe to the waters we fish. In sharing this we strive for transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement. We share our efforts publicly with the hope of inspiring action in others to invest in wild places and wild things.  

It Starts at The Top 

At the highest level of our strategy, we prioritize tactics that lead us to discover and implement changes benefiting our labor force at headquarters and around the world. We aim to minimize our environmental impact, practice environmental stewardship, and reinvest in our communities. Sharing our goals, successes, and areas for improvement demonstrates our accountability and commitment to our customers and stakeholders.

Ship Smarter, Tread Lighter

Our overall shipping container density has increased by 30% each year since 2020. Through better organization and double-stacking shorter pallets, we've improved density by 90%. We're on track to further improve by 10-20% in 2024. This improvement has not only reduced shipping costs and fuel consumption but also minimized materials to handle at our production facility in Ashland, enhancing efficiency.

Recycling at Scale

Work Sharp makes regularly scheduled trips to local recycling centers for various materials. Since 2023, we've extended this service to our co-workers, allowing them to recycle batteries, scrap metal, paints, motor oil, and other recyclables that are not accepted curbside.

Going Green by Going Brown

We continuously seek ways to eliminate single-use plastic from our supply chain. Transitioning to brown paper, corrugate, or compostable packaging components. These efforts improve density, reduce single-use plastic, and improve warehouse efficiency. When you buy a Work Sharp product with molded pulp organizer, consider composting it or using it to keep your gear organized.

Powered by the Sun

As of January 2024, Work Sharp headquarters in Ashland, Oregon, is 100% solar powered. Previously, for ten years, approximately 50% of our energy was solar generated. With the addition of new panels, we now create at least 100% of the power we use, often generating a surplus.

The Mule Deer Foundation

The Mule Deer Foundation is the only conservation group in North America dedicated to restoring, improving, and protecting mule deer and black-tailed deer and their habitat, with a focus on science and program efficiency.

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Back Country Hunters and Anglers

Oregon BHA helps ensure the health and the future of our wild places and animals — and sets an example for others to follow.

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The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership

The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation's mission is to guarantee all Americans quality places to hunt and fish.

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Community Supporting Community 

Our Work Sharp co-workers grow tighter as we support the community around us. We host an annual silent auction where all proceeds are donated to a local charity. Additionally, we support local food banks and engage in annual park cleanups. Together, we find everything more rewarding when we come together. Work Sharp offers a volunteer time off policy to encourage employees to contribute individually or as a team.  


Goals for 2024

Where We Can Improve

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