Pro Staff Ben Saurman

Fishing Expert and Work Sharp Pro Staffer, Ben Saurman

Working for Work Sharp has more benefits than just the typical ones you get from a paying job. Many of the staff are outdoor enthusiasts and rely on the sharpening solutions of Work Sharp to be successful in their hobbies and passions, outside the work place.

Ben Saurman, who has worked for Darex for over 15 years, is recognized as our in-house fishing expert and considered a Pro Staffer for Work Sharp. Our team is fortunate to be invited to many events so we can share the brand name, and Ben is our go-to guy when we know that fishing is involved.

Work Sharp Pro Staffer Ben Saurman

I was born and raised in Southern Oregon and my wife and I continue to raise our own family in this beautiful area. Southern Oregon is a place where outdoor adventures are right at our finger tips: lakes, rivers, camping, and hiking.

Fishing was always my favorite outing and has continued to be a passion of mine. Starting at a young age, my dad would take me and my siblings out on the water and I was taught various methods and techniques for fishing. My passion for being out on the water extends beyond the catch. It is a time to re-charge, meditate, and bond with family and friends.

As the Production Supervisor for Darex, the makers of Work Sharp, I oversee a team of 50 co-workers to produce high-quality knife and tool sharpeners. Because I use these products myself when out camping or fishing, the customer is always top of mind for me. I want our customers to have the same sharpening experience I do and be a product that continues to be a reliable and awesome solution for outdoor gear and tools.

Work Sharp Product Of Choice: The Original Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener gets used the most, doing everything from pocket knives to lawn mower blades. My favorite sharpener For out in the field is the Guided Field Sharpener because I can carry with me anywhere.

Favorite Knife: My favorite knife is a Gerber Gator as I have always had one in my pack as far back as I can remember. There is a nostalgia for me with that knife.